Thursday, August 30, 2007

something to do at work

you'll never guess what happened

There was a replay of Making the Band 4 - Live Finale. After the mishap the other night, I searched to see if it would be on again and I didn't find anything. So, I searched the net and youtube for anything I could find about the finale. I found out who made the band, about Donnie's solo record deal, etc...and then last night, there it was on TV. I ruined it for myself by being so obsessed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my new shoes

Based on the poll votes on what I should buy next, I should have bought a gold necklace or the jewelry square case. Well, the square case may be a long shot. Stfne and I are going to Yorkville on Friday to see if I can get the store to order it. As for the necklace, my mom has a place for me to buy a new one but since she is in Cali, I have to wait. So, I bought mary janes. I have always wanted peep toe pumps and mary janes - so why not combine the two together into one and guess what, I found it at Winners.

Stay tuned for the another poll of what I should buy next.

Now for my review of The Nanny Diaries. I liked it. I give it 4/5. I love chick flicks and there are a few elements that the movie must have in order for me to truly love it:

  1. Hot girl with hot clothes - no one wants to watch an ugly girl. If she wear great clothes , it's a bonus. Don't you watch movies for inspiration?
  2. Hot guy - Hello? Eye candy!!!
  3. Crying - I must cry at least once during the movie.
  4. Soundtrack - when there is music that relates to a scene in the movie, all the better.

With that said, I deducted 0.25 because there was a hot girl but she didn't wear any great clothes (after all, she was a nanny) and then I deducted 0.25 because it only maybe me choke up a tiny bit, no full out crying and another 0.50 because there was no soundtrack and if there was, the music sucked because I don't remember any of it. Overall, it's a good movie to watch if you are a mom, if you've lived in NY or if it's a night out with the girls (because Chris Evans is hot, well, I seem to think so). Anyway, it's a funny movie and the kid makes some cute remarks. But I would wait to watch it on DVD. Luckily, we had passes and gift certificates so it made our movie night a free night.

Thank you Jes, Gina and Trix for the company. We must do it again soon. Next time, we won't buy so much popcorn, fries and nachos.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the nanny diaries

Chick flicks are always fun when you watch it with your girlfriends. Tonight, I am going to watch The Nanny Diaries with Jes, Trix and maybe Gina. I'll give my review on the movie tomorrow. I did read this book a few years back but it's really hard to remember all the small details.

Monday, August 27, 2007

so mad...

For the last week, I have been so hyped up to see who makes the band, yes, I have been religiously watching, MAKING THE BAND 4. Last night was the LIVE season finale where they would be announcing the band - well, 15 minutes into the show, the feed from mtv/ctv blacks out. We missed the friggin show and everything that happened on it because the feed didn't come back until 11:30 pm. Anyway, I am pissed and had a hard time falling asleep because I needed to know who made the band. I woke up this morning to check and my favourite, Donnie (the only white guy) didn't make the band but he did get offered a contract at Bad Boy.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

new tattoo

It's Saturday, almost two in the afternoon. I have had about 3.5 hours of sleep. I should be napping but I am having a hard time falling asleep. miQ is fast asleep. He probably needs the sleep after sitting in a chair for 5 hours. You will have to check his blog to see what his tattoo looks like. Yes, we both got tattoos last night (I hope my mom never read this because she won't speak to me like the last time I got my stars tattoo). is my dragonfly tattoo that sort of looks like a butterfly. If you can't tell, the tattoo is on my ankle. It wasn't painful at all, I guess it's because it's small. If you are planning to get a tattoo, let me know because I highly recommend the guy that did ours. He comes to your home to do the tattooing.

the first time

My cousin did up a list on her blog on her "firsts". I was going to just put my "firsts" as a comment on her blog but I thought that I would share it with everyone. To my cousin, I can't believe that you remembered all those "firsts", here it goes:

First Home
The first home I lived in was an apartment in Yellowknife.

First Movie
The movie I recall watching was E.T. My dad took me and E.T. freaked me out. I hid under my jacket the whole time. To this day, I am still scared of E.T.

First Place
I wasn’t really placed but I won an award for History in grade 8. The reason I got the medal was because I had the highest mark in History class.

First Tape
I don’t remember, I am sure that I had many others before but two that stick out in my mind are Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas and Milli Vanilli.

First CD
Some Megmix CD with dance songs

First Breakup
In sixth grade, Patrick Tracey broke up with me, or maybe we just split.

First Kitchen Fiasco
This – I can’t recall.

First Car
I still don’t have my license so I am waiting to get my first car.

First Credit Card
Bank of Nova Scotia VISA, as for my first purchase…who knows…

First Email Address

First Cell Phone
It’s still the same phone number so I rather not post it on here. I do remember my first phone was a Sony Ericsson flip phone.

First Roommate

First Pet
I don’t remember any names but Ross and I had some fish.

First Big Purchase
It was probably a stereo.

Friday, August 24, 2007

it's done...

It's 8:50 pm and I just got my tattoo. It was done in my condo, how cool is that? Mike is preparing for his. Stay tuned for photos...

I love it!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

foxy originals

When you read magazines, especially Canadian magazines, you find all these cute things. The cool thing about Canadian magazines, like Lou Lou, they will list where you can buy these cute things. One company that I can across was FOXY ORIGINALS. The jewelry company was started by two girls who were attending University of Western Ontario. So since this line of jewelry is home grown, I had to check it out.

While Marilen was here, I took her to THE LOFT where they sell Foxy Originals. She bought this really cool necklace in red and white. I have yet to purchase something from them but I am waiting for the right piece to come along. Note: not all items you see online are available at The Loft. I should get the necklace that Marilen got in another colour because we tend to buy one thing that is the same to commemorate our trips visiting each other (while I was in San Fran - Marilen, Theresa, Gino and I all got Berkel. This time it was suppose to be this $15 dress but maybe I should make it the necklace instead. I am going to Square One tonight, so maybe I will check to see what colours they have left!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mexico or DR or Cuba

MEXICO (left) DR (center) CUBA (right)

The one thing I regret was not going to the Caribbean more. I have been to Cancun (May 2000), Punta Cana (June 2003), Varadero (April 2004), Punta Cana (July 2004), Punta Cana (July 2005), Mayan Riviera (November 2005), Punta Cana (June 2006) and Mayan Riviera (June 2007). As you can see, I missed out going in 2001 and 2002. I remember miQ and I looking into certain destinations but we never ended up going. I wish that we did go during those years because it probably was cheaper back then, we could probably get a deal for under $850 for a 4-5 star resort. These days, a deal for is about $1050 and that's with taxes in.

I would like to go away in November. To where...I don't know. I guess I will add in a poll to see where my readers think I should go. There is Mexico for a wedding (A & E), DR for maybe a girls trip with some girls I could get to know (R, M & G) or Cuba with miQ (the only island out of the three we have not been to together).

All I know is that I want to be somewhere to get my TAN ON =)

my two new favorite drinks

It's so cool when you discover a new drink (well, it's not new, it's just new to me because I have never had it before).

To the left is my new fav non-alcoholic drink...the ARNOLD PALMER. Marilen introduced it to us when she came for her visit. She first ordered it at Moxie's and the waitress had no idea what it was, she thought it was an alcoholic beverage and asked Marilen if she wanted to "Moxie size it". A few days later when I was at Ruby Tuesday in Niagara Falls, I asked for half ice tea, half lemonade. When the waiter brought me my drink, he says, "Here's your Arnold Palmer". So, some know what it is and some don't. The cool thing is at Walmart, they sell a 6 pack - 2 cans of Minute Maid lemonade and 4 cans of Nestea ice tea. What a combo!!! Perfect for an Arnold Palmer.

To the right is my new fav alcoholic drink...HYPNOTIQ & CHAMPAGNE. Sparkling wine will also work if champagne is not available. This is what I drank at D&C's wedding along with shots made with Hypnotiq. Dwight knows what I am talking about. Unfortunately, I do not wish to disclose the name of the shot or the contents. It's Cory's secret. Anyway, Hypnotiq and Champagne tastes just like blue freezies!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

how sweet it is to be loved by you

You know how you have friends that come and go in and out of your life? Some stay for awhile and others last forever. Well, on Friday night, miQ and I ran into my Charlie. I saw him at a local sushi bar and finally got to meet his "better half". She's a really sweet girl and a perfect match for him. We chatted for a bit before they left. To our surprise, when we asked for the bill, we were informed by our waitress that our meal was taken care of by our friends. I could kill Beej but miQ and I thought it was such a nice gesture. We do have to return the favor.

[I don't have any new photos of me and Charlie (Beej) so this old school one will have to do]

travel & jewelry

I travel...once a year at least to an all-inclusive resort but throughout the rest of the year, we have overnight stays at a hotel because of a wedding, sleepovers at friend's houses or I have my annual business trip to Ottawa. I normally carry my earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets in a Ziploc bag but I have always wanted a small jewelry travel roll (pouch, case, whatever) and when Marilen came to visit, I noticed that she had one that she bought at Target.

Well, I have been on a search for this traveling case and I have found one - Baggallini Jewelry Square
. I called a retailer here in Toronto and although they don't carry the square, she will order it for me. Now I just have to get my butt up to Yorkville to place an order. I am so excited but I am nervous because I don't know how much it will cost!!!

this isn't the first time

I have decided to create another blog because Mike has started to blog. Yes, I am copying him. This isn't my first time blogging. I started back in 2004 after my trip to San Fran. Marilen and Theresa were on xanga so I decided that I should start. I kept it up for about two years. I feel like I should start a new one, after all, I am now married and a home owner so maybe I wil have different things to write about than before.

So, if you are asking, why I heard "blarkness" from Beej and it's what he called me when he saw me after one of my vacations. See, I love tanning. Yes - I know that it's bad for me but I can't help worshipping the warmth and colour the sun gives to me.

This blog won't be about my tanning escapades, it will be about random things. It will give me something to do for the next two weeks while my boss is on vacation. Let's see how long I can keep it up for...

Welcome and enjoy...