Saturday, August 25, 2007

the first time

My cousin did up a list on her blog on her "firsts". I was going to just put my "firsts" as a comment on her blog but I thought that I would share it with everyone. To my cousin, I can't believe that you remembered all those "firsts", here it goes:

First Home
The first home I lived in was an apartment in Yellowknife.

First Movie
The movie I recall watching was E.T. My dad took me and E.T. freaked me out. I hid under my jacket the whole time. To this day, I am still scared of E.T.

First Place
I wasn’t really placed but I won an award for History in grade 8. The reason I got the medal was because I had the highest mark in History class.

First Tape
I don’t remember, I am sure that I had many others before but two that stick out in my mind are Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas and Milli Vanilli.

First CD
Some Megmix CD with dance songs

First Breakup
In sixth grade, Patrick Tracey broke up with me, or maybe we just split.

First Kitchen Fiasco
This – I can’t recall.

First Car
I still don’t have my license so I am waiting to get my first car.

First Credit Card
Bank of Nova Scotia VISA, as for my first purchase…who knows…

First Email Address

First Cell Phone
It’s still the same phone number so I rather not post it on here. I do remember my first phone was a Sony Ericsson flip phone.

First Roommate

First Pet
I don’t remember any names but Ross and I had some fish.

First Big Purchase
It was probably a stereo.

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