Thursday, August 23, 2007

foxy originals

When you read magazines, especially Canadian magazines, you find all these cute things. The cool thing about Canadian magazines, like Lou Lou, they will list where you can buy these cute things. One company that I can across was FOXY ORIGINALS. The jewelry company was started by two girls who were attending University of Western Ontario. So since this line of jewelry is home grown, I had to check it out.

While Marilen was here, I took her to THE LOFT where they sell Foxy Originals. She bought this really cool necklace in red and white. I have yet to purchase something from them but I am waiting for the right piece to come along. Note: not all items you see online are available at The Loft. I should get the necklace that Marilen got in another colour because we tend to buy one thing that is the same to commemorate our trips visiting each other (while I was in San Fran - Marilen, Theresa, Gino and I all got Berkel. This time it was suppose to be this $15 dress but maybe I should make it the necklace instead. I am going to Square One tonight, so maybe I will check to see what colours they have left!


maregonz said...

Would you believe that I haven't worn the necklace yet?

Steph said...

I LOVE Foxy!!! had I known....I would have gotten you something from there already!

leesha said...

Steph - you mean to tell me you have known about Foxy all this time? I only read about it last month. Hey - my birthday is coming up!!!