Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mexico or DR or Cuba

MEXICO (left) DR (center) CUBA (right)

The one thing I regret was not going to the Caribbean more. I have been to Cancun (May 2000), Punta Cana (June 2003), Varadero (April 2004), Punta Cana (July 2004), Punta Cana (July 2005), Mayan Riviera (November 2005), Punta Cana (June 2006) and Mayan Riviera (June 2007). As you can see, I missed out going in 2001 and 2002. I remember miQ and I looking into certain destinations but we never ended up going. I wish that we did go during those years because it probably was cheaper back then, we could probably get a deal for under $850 for a 4-5 star resort. These days, a deal for is about $1050 and that's with taxes in.

I would like to go away in November. To where...I don't know. I guess I will add in a poll to see where my readers think I should go. There is Mexico for a wedding (A & E), DR for maybe a girls trip with some girls I could get to know (R, M & G) or Cuba with miQ (the only island out of the three we have not been to together).

All I know is that I want to be somewhere to get my TAN ON =)

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chingeist said...

No trips for 2008??