Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my new shoes

Based on the poll votes on what I should buy next, I should have bought a gold necklace or the jewelry square case. Well, the square case may be a long shot. Stfne and I are going to Yorkville on Friday to see if I can get the store to order it. As for the necklace, my mom has a place for me to buy a new one but since she is in Cali, I have to wait. So, I bought mary janes. I have always wanted peep toe pumps and mary janes - so why not combine the two together into one and guess what, I found it at Winners.

Stay tuned for the another poll of what I should buy next.

Now for my review of The Nanny Diaries. I liked it. I give it 4/5. I love chick flicks and there are a few elements that the movie must have in order for me to truly love it:

  1. Hot girl with hot clothes - no one wants to watch an ugly girl. If she wear great clothes , it's a bonus. Don't you watch movies for inspiration?
  2. Hot guy - Hello? Eye candy!!!
  3. Crying - I must cry at least once during the movie.
  4. Soundtrack - when there is music that relates to a scene in the movie, all the better.

With that said, I deducted 0.25 because there was a hot girl but she didn't wear any great clothes (after all, she was a nanny) and then I deducted 0.25 because it only maybe me choke up a tiny bit, no full out crying and another 0.50 because there was no soundtrack and if there was, the music sucked because I don't remember any of it. Overall, it's a good movie to watch if you are a mom, if you've lived in NY or if it's a night out with the girls (because Chris Evans is hot, well, I seem to think so). Anyway, it's a funny movie and the kid makes some cute remarks. But I would wait to watch it on DVD. Luckily, we had passes and gift certificates so it made our movie night a free night.

Thank you Jes, Gina and Trix for the company. We must do it again soon. Next time, we won't buy so much popcorn, fries and nachos.