Tuesday, August 21, 2007

travel & jewelry

I travel...once a year at least to an all-inclusive resort but throughout the rest of the year, we have overnight stays at a hotel because of a wedding, sleepovers at friend's houses or I have my annual business trip to Ottawa. I normally carry my earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets in a Ziploc bag but I have always wanted a small jewelry travel roll (pouch, case, whatever) and when Marilen came to visit, I noticed that she had one that she bought at Target.

Well, I have been on a search for this traveling case and I have found one - Baggallini Jewelry Square
. I called a retailer here in Toronto and although they don't carry the square, she will order it for me. Now I just have to get my butt up to Yorkville to place an order. I am so excited but I am nervous because I don't know how much it will cost!!!


maregonz said...

Cute travel jewelry case! What color are you gonna get?

leesha said...

I was thinking of getting the turquoise and lime one but Mike thinks I should get the pink and orange one. I think that after a eyar of having to deal with my wedding colours, I need a change!