Monday, September 17, 2007


Today I have two things to talk about and it has to do with biting.

BIT: I was shopping with my mom on Friday at WalMart. As we were leaving the store, it started to rain. Now I was wearing jeans that were too long and I wanted to roll them up so they would not get soaked as we walked through the parking lot. I told my mom to wait and here is how our conversation went:

Leesh: "Mom. Wait. I want to roll up my pants so they don't get wet."
Mom: "Oh My God! I think you have to take the bus home."
Mom walks away.
Leesh thinking WTF?

It turns out, I forgot about my tattoo (which I have been hiding so well from my mom by wearing long pants every time I see her) and started to roll up the bottom of my jeans. My mom saw my tattoo as I was doing this. I couldn't stop laughing all the way to the car. I got bit for my tattoo by my mom for such a stupid reason - because I wanted to roll up my jeans. So stupid. Anyway, we get into the car and here is the next part of our conversation:

Leesh: "Mom, aren't you going to drive?"
Mom: "Just give me a minute, I need a moment to myself."

I am glad that my mom is still talking to me. She was supposed to come to my place for a bit after shopping but she wanted to be alone. She did call me over the weekend so she is not that mad at me. When I got my first tattoo, she would hang up on me every time I tried to call her.

BITTEN: The other day I posted up Lauren Conrad's new line and yes, although it's cute, it is rather pricey. So here is Sarah Jessica Parker's line, Bitten. Her prices are well, CHEAP! You can find her line at Steve & Barry's. Luckily there is one at Walden Galleria and I have an upcoming Buffalo trip next month. I have to check it out!!! I will definitely find pieces that I could wear to work or on the weekends and it's so affordable. I have to admit that I do shop cheap.

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MauR said...

ah yes, jenn bought me thi cute dress and shoes for my bday by Bitten. great stuff!