Sunday, September 16, 2007

crazy mad about cupcakes

Yes, I love cupcakes but today's post isn't about expressing my love for the delicious cakes, rather it's about how disappointed and mad I am about a certain cupcake shop. I recently found a new cupcake shop in Toronto on Sweet Spot. I checked out Cupcakes Boutique and thought I should place an order with them. I called them Monday last week and by Friday when I still didn't hear from them, I called again Friday. AND STILL NO ANSWER FROM THEM!!! (Yes, I am typing in caps because I am YELLING)

What company doesn't call back when a customer wants to place a order? If she is on holidays or something, she should leave that on her voice mail. I am so disappointed with this shop, they have such good cupcakes and I was so excited to order a dozen from them. So, I am crazy mad about cupcakes right now. I want some!


maregonz said...

Aww, that's too bad. I know how mcuh you love cupcakes :o(

peklat said...

Hey I was going to buy you cupcakes today at Sams Club but then I realized that you need water instead so I got us a nice case of bottled water..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM