Monday, September 17, 2007

fashion repeats itself

While I have been sick at home over the weekend, I was able to catch an episode of Beverly Hills, 90120. TVTropolis has finally started to air the seasons that I enjoyed watching back in the day. In comes Valerie Malone - this is the season when they start college and Brenda is no longer on the show. Valerie is wearing a baby doll dress with motorcycle boots and as I watched her walk down the stairs of the Walsh household, I thought to myself...this outfit she pulled off looks very familiar...

Of course, my stylish fashionista friend, SAD, has rocked this ensemble for the past year. To think that you can always bring back a look 10 years later. So, here's to your Frye boots and dresses!!!

1 comment:

Stephanie Anne Daga said...

you're too funny ... i love my frye boots ... to death ... 90210 all the way!!!!