Monday, September 3, 2007

good food and good company

I did nothing this long weekend but I enjoyed doing nothing. I didn't spend money and I got to relax. I did go over to the Dagas yesterday with miQ. Rex the CHEF made awesome NADAS (his version of empanadas, well, his lola's recipe). They were so yummy. Rex also made amazing chicken and beef burritos! I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD!!! The lovely Stfne (the waitress) was kind enough to take our orders and also make a delicious (from what I hear) trifle.

I got to play with my little buddy Brayden. It's been about 5 months since I have last seen him and I wanted to cry at the fact that he is no longer a baby, he is this little boy who will be starting school in a few weeks. Thanks Dagas for the good food and the company. miQ and I always have a good time at your house. You guys have to come over for some Shepherd's Pie and Surf's Up!


maregonz said...

Wow - Brayden's a big boy now!

Stfne said...

you should be a culinary arts photographer ... the pic of the sliced empanada came out much better than the pic of you and brayden ... lol ... just kidding ...thanks for coming over ... we'll do it again soon and next time I will cook you chicken adobo ... I'm just lazy.