Saturday, September 8, 2007

i have nothing to say

I was doing so well with my blog but for once, I have nothing to say. I worked really hard Friday morning since my office was going to close at 2:00. I met Stfne at her work to pick up some "nadas" (so good Rexy) and then I went to Square One. I tried to look for this black dress that I had my eye on but I had no luck. I did see a floor length dress I could wear next summer. I decided not to buy it because I really wanted a curling iron. I found one at Zellers for $18, I figure that I don't have to spend the little extra on a good one because I won't be using it as much.

The rest of my Friday night was uneventful but I did actually stay up after midnight. Today, miQ and I went early to his parent's house. His parents just came back from San Fran and brought back some goodies. Marlboro Ultra Lights for miQ and See's Toffee-ettes for me!!! I got to hang out with Belle. She is so fun to play with, she is so smart and says the cutest things.
So now, here I am 9:40 pm on a Saturday night writing in my blog. miQ and JP are downstairs using the Virtual Golf (We are actually using our amenities). I think that they are going to watch Disturbia when they get back, it's too scary for me so I am just going to read or pop in a chick flick. And then I am calling it a night. What an interesting social life I have!!!

Now to follow up on a post that Marilen wrote, here is my list of broadway shows I have seen:
1) Phantom of the Opera
2) Miss Saigon
3) Mamma Mia
4) Lion King

My favorite was Miss Saigon.

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maregonz said...

Now I totally want to make cupcakes!

There's a Chocolate Festival here in the City this weekend! You'd probably love it! ;o)