Monday, September 10, 2007

oops, she didn't do it again

Poor, poor, poor Britney. Trying to make a comeback but just couldn't do it. I wasted three minutes of my life watching her sad, pathetic performance on the VMAs last night. I was really looking forward to it since the song is kinda catchy but she let me down, plus 10 million other people on this planet. I am sure for those of you who watched it, you probably sat there in awe, watching her not lip-sync, not dance, not even look like she was all there. I was a fan (keyword: WAS) but since she couldn't rise above from all the other stupid shit she's done, I can officially say, I AM A BRITNEY HATER!!! I would post up a youtube clip of her performance but I don't want her crap on my page (except for the one picture above). I wouldn't be able to stand seeing her unfit body walk around like a zombie in flashy bra and underwear on stage again. It would be torture.

So brit - your time has come to an end. You should really concentrate on being a better mom to your two cute kids. I am so TEAM KEVIN now!!!

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maregonz said...

I saw Britney's performance last night and I started to write a blog about it almost immediately after. Then all I could think of was one word: BAD.

Hair weave: BAD
Lip-Synching: BAD
Dance moves: BAD

Too bad.