Thursday, September 20, 2007

party like a rockstar

Well, I am sure that you have heard the news that miQ and JP are leaving for Holguin, Cuba this Saturday. This is my week to go out and do my thing...but it's highly unlikely. I will probably be home playing Wii since at the moment I am SOOOO addicted to Cooking Mama. For the past two nights, I have been up late playing. At first it was difficult to get use to the Wii remote but I am getting the hang of it which is what makes me want to play it all the time. miQ bought Metroid and Resident Evil but he has yet to play the two games. I think that he is too hyped up about his trip and is busy trying to pack.

Now, I have to update on Gossip Girl. I did watch the pilot episode. It was good but if you watched the previews leading up to the season premiere, it basically showed the entire episode. So, I was watching the show but my eyes were not glued to the TV. There are some things that are different than what is portrayed in the book. Some of these include: Serena's brother is an older hot brother who is away at college and Chuck is gay. I am sure that there are more but this what I can remember for now. I can't wait for the next episode though!
Yesterday I played squash with my mom. She recently got a membership at the community centre by her place and thought that she should get me doing something active (plus she wanted to see how long I could last if I played). Well, it took me a while to get use to hitting the ball, and then I had to get use to serving (which was really difficult for me, I kept on missing the ball). All in all, I lasted 20 minutes. A normal squash game is 40 minutes. Will I ever play again? Sure - I am not going to give up yet. Hopefully soon enough I can last the 40 minutes.

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