Thursday, September 27, 2007

so what?

So what if I didn't party like a rockstar the week that miQ is gone. Work was unexpectedly busy and I haven't been feeling that great so I have to admit that it's nice to not have to cook after work. I have been able to relax. Monday and Tuesday were an early morning start, so I have been really tired, I even have bags under my eyes.

miQ and JP are back on Saturday. miQ has been sending me a text every day. He said that he had taken lots of video with the new underwater camera he bought before he left. I can't wait to see them.

So, as promised to Marilen, here is my fall line up. I will try to include a little comment besides each show.

The Hills - I love this show esp. now since Jason is back in it. Too bad about the new fiancee (she's a bitch)

Gossip Girl - it's a cool show, it's my new guilty pleasure high school show (now that One Tree Hill is going to have the new season with them finished university)

America's Next Top Model - sort of getting into it but I am looking forward to the episode when they do the makeovers
Private Practice - I wasn't too thrilled about the spin off and Addison leaving Grey's but I was impressed with the season premiere. I think I will keep on watching it
Dirty Sexy Money - this is my surprise addition, I wasn't expecting to add this too my fall line up but it was on after Private Practice so I caught the first few minutes and it intrigued me, now i am hooked

Survivor: China - Characters aren' t that exciting but isn't it always that way in the beginning?
Grey's Anatomy - it's going to be interested, throwing in Lexie was a smart idea!


*A special shout out to JJIT - Congrats on the new job!! We should go for lunch before you leave downtown. I'll be in touch to set something up.

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