Tuesday, September 11, 2007

thank you

This post goes out to Marilen. I just went to see my mom and she gave me the "little somethings" from you. Thank you for the hand soaps from Bath & Body. Very thoughtful of you. It's always nice to get Bath & Body stuff because we don't have it here in Canada. I hope that we never get it here in Canada because it then takes out the fun of getting it from the States. It is exactly what happened with Hollister, Sephora, Forever 21 and Coach.

Oh ya - for those of you who have heard "The Hacker" who lives next door to us, I have some good news - HE IS MOVING. I got off the elevator this afternoon and so did a realtor and a potential buyer. The potential buyer is gross but the fact that "The Hacker's" unit is up for sale makes me happy. I hope we get some cool neighbours!


maregonz said...

You're welcome! The lemon soap looks out of place, being the only non-foaming soap. They didn't have it in the foaming kind and I remembered that you said that you like this scent.

I bet after the "hacker" moves, you'll miss him! J/K

maregonz said...

I just re-read your blog and I think that this is kinda funny:

'...the fact that "The Hacker's" unit is up for sale makes me happy'

Alright, picking up my mind out of the gutter now. LOL ;o)

leesha said...

I was telling Julie yesterday while I was typing up my post that I find the word "unit" funny. I guess I could have used "suite" but he does live in the unit next to us. Everytime I say the word unit, I start laughing.

Again, you and I think exactly alike. UNIT!