Sunday, September 23, 2007

which bag???

I am too lazy to write what I have been doing lately, but let me just say that I have been doing nothing but playing Wii. miQ left yesterday morning for Holguin. I normally live for those days when I get "alone time" but it's been a bit lonely. I am glad that he bought me the Wii before he left.

Anyway, this is the week where I have to make a decision on what new bag I will get. I have been eyeing two bags. A black Cole Haan bag and recently, a olive green leather Roots bag. They are about the same price (I have a special hook up for the Cole Haan bag) but I have to look again at the bag when I go to the Cole Haan store on Wednesday. Take a look at the photos below and do the poll on the left hand side. I need your help.