Saturday, September 1, 2007

why can't i save?

Yesterday after work, I met up with Stfne to go walk and shop in Yorkville. First we checked out Costa Blanca for this black dress I have been eyeing. I first saw it with Julie but they didn't have it in a small. I had no luck at the Yorkville location either. Next, we went to Holt Renfrew to look at make up and bags. We checked out the Pout counter, Jemma Kidd, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and YSL. After all our looking, Stfne wanted to get the Nail Touch (Nail Lacquer Brush Pen) at the YSL counter. They had 6 different colours to choose from. Stfne got two and I got one. I can't wait to try it out but it will have to wait since I just painted my nails black. Next, Stfne and I walked around looking for bags, I can't name all the designers we looked at but in the end, I will probably go with a Cole Haan bag. I will post up it if I ever buy it. We checked out all the individual designers upstairs and came across the show section. I tried on Christian Louboutin pumps. Holy shit, I don't know how the celebrities walk around in 5 inch heels but I have to say they are comfy.

I thought that since I was in Yorkville, I should check for the Baggallini Jewelry Square. With Stfne's luck, we found a black one in the store, so of course, I had to buy it. I can't wait to travel or attend a wedding so I can pack up my jewelry in it. To finish off our walk and shop, we stop by Sushi Inn to eat some hand rolls. So, after my first poll, I bought my mary janes, the jewelry square and if you look in the picture, I bought a cheesy gold necklace from H & M for $5. I had to save somewhere.

My last purchase (and it's the reason why I must stay home tonight) is a Gasoline 25" luggage. After our trip to Mexico, miQ and I decided that we have to put our baby pink and baby blue luggage to rest - we donated it to Goodwill. Since we woke up early today, we went to the mall, it was quite an experience considering we bought each luggage at a different store and we had these two girls wanting the same luggage and following us. Luckily miQ is quick and smart. We were always one step ahead of them...SUCKERS!!!!

My shopping habits are the reason I can't save. I should start saving but with this new luggage, miQ and I now defnitely have to book our next vacation ;)


maregonz said...

My vote for your next trip is SAN FRANCISCO!

Stfne said...

because I'm a bad influence when it comes to retail ... that's why ...