Wednesday, October 31, 2007

someone's hogging the big TV

As promised to Mike after last year's Raptor season, I subscribed to the additional HD channels. We now also get HD Raptors, HDTSN, HDDiscovery and all the West Coast networks in HD. So, if we miss a show during Primetime, we can now watch it in HD at midnight.

But with basketball season starting, I now have to resort to watching my shows in our little 19 inch TV in the bedroom. I have been kicked out of the living room. What have I done? At least miQ watches some of the same shows so I know that I will get to watch Grey's, Gossip Girl and others in HD but I won't get to watch all the other 300 channels that we get when there is a basketball game.

Am I complaining? Not yet...but I do hate when basketball season comes around. I can't talk to miQ when he is watching a game (he thinks it's a jinx) and he also hogs the couch. Well, the good thing, only 6-7 months of this - unless the Raptors make the playoffs...

Monday, October 29, 2007

i've been away for much too long

I have not been a blog slacker. I have been sick...NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!!! I don't feel like I need to explain what's been going on with me, but if you must know, give me a call or send me an email and I will tell you. Anyway, I believe that I am 99% better. I just need to eat and gain my strength back. So, after missing 5 days of work and leaving early the days that I do come in, here I am at work, trying to work. I am so use to sleeping and lying around that it's hard for my brain to actually function. It should all come back to me...I hope!

Once my brain is working again, I will be back blogging, back working and back to my normal life. I need to catch up with friends, do some shopping and definitely do some cleaning. So stay tuned for some posts from me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

what's in your bag

I have seen many posts of "what's in your bag", so I decided that I should post up what's in my bag these days. First of all, Mama Jen brought me back a replica of a designer handbag from the Philippines. To be exact, it's Chloe bag. I am not too familiar with Chloe bags so I don't mind sporting a fake one. I am really taking a liking to this bag because it's thin and can fit a magazine or notebook.

Now, in my bag, I have the following:
  • Nintendo DS (currently playing Diner Dash)
  • 2007 Daily Planner
  • Matt & Nat wallet (contains all my loyalty cards, photos, coupons, business cards and band-aids)
  • What's Cooking magazine from Loblaws
  • Leather notebook
  • IPod Nano
  • Coach Skinny wallet
  • Keri Lotion
  • pass card for work
  • Keychain (Julie bought me the Coach keyfob)
  • Luna bar (Peanut Butter Cookie)
  • Trident Strawberry Fusion gum
  • Motorola PEBL cell phone
  • Compact mirror from H & M
  • elastics and mini butterfly clip
  • Smith's Rosebud Salve (for lips and cuticles)
  • Labello - cherry flavour (a light pink tint)
  • Aveeno lip blam
  • Clinique lip brush, Smashbox lipliner in Smashing Define, MAC lipliner in Brick
  • mark Just Pinched in Berry
  • MAC lipstick in M.A.C. Red
  • mark hook up with Tinted Sheenstick lip balm in Fanciful and Glow Baby Glow lip gloss in Pink Crush
  • MAC Lipgelee in Dewy Jube and CO Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine (Peppermint oil)
  • L'occitane Concrete de Parfum in Verbana Leaf (I love the smell of lemons)

Monday, October 15, 2007

music that hypes you up

This morning, I left the house at 6:10 am to be at work for 7:15am. It was dark and cold. I needed some kind of music to lift my spirits and brighten my day. So, I came to realize that there are certain songs that gets me going and hypes me up in the morning:
  • Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna
  • Because of You - Ne-Yo
  • I Don't Need a Man - Pussycat Dolls

I really don't feel like being at work right now. All I can think about is taking a vacation, somewhere hot, sunny and definitely far away from here!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

miQ went to Cuba and all I got was a lousy bag of chips

JUST JOKING!!! I got a can of ketchup & mayonnaise flavoured chips and also this cute bag of Roasted Chicken chips. The bag of chips looks like it has Uniqua (from The Backyardigans) on it. I have yet to try the chips. So, this was the funny little post I was talking about...the chips are so cute and colourful.

Now to recap my long weekend, I will just do it in point form because unlike others (who take long to update their blog after two weeks), I like to keep you up to date...

...Friday night
  • Rich, Gina, James and Trix came over for some filipino food (bought of course) and Wii. It was a night of fun and catching up.
  • I embarrassed myself by showing them how well I can play Cooking Mama. At first I though I was cool but then I realize that I am a cooking dork!
  • Went to dad's with Gino. Ate more filipino food - bangus rules! Most embarrassing moment - my dad patting my stomach saying "it's getting big". Damn, I am not even pregnant yet!
  • Went on a Wii game mission with Gino and miQ. Came home with NBA Live 08.
  • In Brampton for Thanksgiving lunch with the Solon kids and special guest "Ross". Food was good and grace was hilarious - thanks Dianne who making my day!
  • Played Singstar - Dianne and Charm tied singing "The Reason" and Jon kicked ass and sang the best version of "Take On Me". I just wished that everyone sang more.
  • The Dagas stopped by and I think Bray found his new love in Bella.
  • Played Guitar Hero, I suck but Charm rules. She's addicted. She even beat Gino.
  • Caught up on season premieres with miQ
  • Gino and mom came by and cooked. Played Wii and Singstar. Mom kicked ass in bowling with 194. She's a pro but too bad she can't play tennis. Gino beat me in singing "Time After Time", how could this be??? Gino and mom went on a another gaming mission and now miQ and I have three more new games (which we are going to trade in)
  • I watched a bit of "The Hills" marathon, ironed about 10 of miQ's t-shirts, 4 dress shirts, 4 dresses and I still have to iron all our pants and shorts. I love ironing but I hate it when it accumulates, then finished off the night watching a mini marathon of Jon & Kate Plus 8.
And now it's back to work. I am definitely not looking forward to it but I amlooking forward to making plans with Dee since he is now back from Cabo.

Friday, October 5, 2007

maroon 5

Last night miQ and I went to see Maroon 5 at ACC. They were fan-frickin-tastic! I had so much fun and thanks to miQ who got awesome seats. The past two concerts that we have seen, we were sitting in Section 300, all the way at the top. So this one was a treat. miQ said from now on, we should just spend the money and get really good seats. We brought our Lumix camera and got some great shots. I wanted to post up some photos of the concert but I am going to cheat and give you the link to miQ's blog because he posted up the photos there - miQ Live.

Because this is the third concert we have seen this year, I thought that I would share a list with you (Gino, I know that my list is nothing compared to yours). Here are all the concerts I have seen, I may not remember the tour name or dates but I will just list them and put an "*" by the one that I really enjoyed:

Maroon 5 w/The Hives*
Christina Aguilera w/ The Pussycat Dolls
Justin Timberlake w/ Pink
Robin Thicke*
Ashley Simpson
Britney Spears (The Onyx Tour)
Justin Timberlake & Christina Aguilera*
Britney Spears (Dream Withing a Dream) w/ O-town*
Air Supply
Brian McKnight w/ Tyrese*
KC & Jojo w/ Jon B.
Janet Jackson w/ 112*
Backstreet Boys

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

in pain with nothing to gain

Yes, I know, once again I have been a blog slacker! But I do have a reason. I have been plagued with back problems for a few weeks now and in the past week, it has gone from "ouch" to "oh, I think I am going to die". I have gone to an RMT and she is working out the massive knots that I have developed in my lower back. So, that is the reason I have not been blogging. I am trying to avoid sitting in front of a computer once I get home from work. And at work...I just don't have any time. I do have a post with a funny picture that I plan to put up but it will have to wait for the weekend when the craziness has died down. Mike and I are going to the Maroon 5 concert tomorrow and we have a little post-birthday party for two of our friends on Friday. Stay tuned for some pictures of Friday night with Wii and our Friiends!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this warm weather we are having in T.O.