Monday, October 29, 2007

i've been away for much too long

I have not been a blog slacker. I have been sick...NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!!! I don't feel like I need to explain what's been going on with me, but if you must know, give me a call or send me an email and I will tell you. Anyway, I believe that I am 99% better. I just need to eat and gain my strength back. So, after missing 5 days of work and leaving early the days that I do come in, here I am at work, trying to work. I am so use to sleeping and lying around that it's hard for my brain to actually function. It should all come back to me...I hope!

Once my brain is working again, I will be back blogging, back working and back to my normal life. I need to catch up with friends, do some shopping and definitely do some cleaning. So stay tuned for some posts from me.

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