Tuesday, October 9, 2007

miQ went to Cuba and all I got was a lousy bag of chips

JUST JOKING!!! I got a can of ketchup & mayonnaise flavoured chips and also this cute bag of Roasted Chicken chips. The bag of chips looks like it has Uniqua (from The Backyardigans) on it. I have yet to try the chips. So, this was the funny little post I was talking about...the chips are so cute and colourful.

Now to recap my long weekend, I will just do it in point form because unlike others (who take long to update their blog after two weeks), I like to keep you up to date...

...Friday night
  • Rich, Gina, James and Trix came over for some filipino food (bought of course) and Wii. It was a night of fun and catching up.
  • I embarrassed myself by showing them how well I can play Cooking Mama. At first I though I was cool but then I realize that I am a cooking dork!
  • Went to dad's with Gino. Ate more filipino food - bangus rules! Most embarrassing moment - my dad patting my stomach saying "it's getting big". Damn, I am not even pregnant yet!
  • Went on a Wii game mission with Gino and miQ. Came home with NBA Live 08.
  • In Brampton for Thanksgiving lunch with the Solon kids and special guest "Ross". Food was good and grace was hilarious - thanks Dianne who making my day!
  • Played Singstar - Dianne and Charm tied singing "The Reason" and Jon kicked ass and sang the best version of "Take On Me". I just wished that everyone sang more.
  • The Dagas stopped by and I think Bray found his new love in Bella.
  • Played Guitar Hero, I suck but Charm rules. She's addicted. She even beat Gino.
  • Caught up on season premieres with miQ
  • Gino and mom came by and cooked. Played Wii and Singstar. Mom kicked ass in bowling with 194. She's a pro but too bad she can't play tennis. Gino beat me in singing "Time After Time", how could this be??? Gino and mom went on a another gaming mission and now miQ and I have three more new games (which we are going to trade in)
  • I watched a bit of "The Hills" marathon, ironed about 10 of miQ's t-shirts, 4 dress shirts, 4 dresses and I still have to iron all our pants and shorts. I love ironing but I hate it when it accumulates, then finished off the night watching a mini marathon of Jon & Kate Plus 8.
And now it's back to work. I am definitely not looking forward to it but I amlooking forward to making plans with Dee since he is now back from Cabo.

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stephanie d said...

um yeah - bray fell hard for bella ... did you see him caressing her arm and cheek ... he's such a don juan.