Wednesday, October 31, 2007

someone's hogging the big TV

As promised to Mike after last year's Raptor season, I subscribed to the additional HD channels. We now also get HD Raptors, HDTSN, HDDiscovery and all the West Coast networks in HD. So, if we miss a show during Primetime, we can now watch it in HD at midnight.

But with basketball season starting, I now have to resort to watching my shows in our little 19 inch TV in the bedroom. I have been kicked out of the living room. What have I done? At least miQ watches some of the same shows so I know that I will get to watch Grey's, Gossip Girl and others in HD but I won't get to watch all the other 300 channels that we get when there is a basketball game.

Am I complaining? Not yet...but I do hate when basketball season comes around. I can't talk to miQ when he is watching a game (he thinks it's a jinx) and he also hogs the couch. Well, the good thing, only 6-7 months of this - unless the Raptors make the playoffs...

1 comment:

riatch said...

i'm telling u Leesh.....the HD channels are addicting especially watching sports :)