Monday, November 26, 2007

recap of my last two weekend...

Now I find it really hard to keep on posting on my blog. I feel that if I don't continue to write at least every other day, I may lose the three readers that I have.

My days have been busy at work and I am not sure if it's the change in season and weather, I get so tired after work. I am feeling a lot better these days but work and the commute is tiring me out. I finally did have a nice weekend for Mike's birthday. I was out and about for the whole weekend doing things for Mike's birthday but then I was plagued with the pain once again come Monday. I took it easy for the rest of the week so I was able to have another nice weekend.

I will do a quick recap of Mike's birthday weekend, unfortunately, I don't have any photos of his birthday weekend:
  • finally decided to get Mike a present - a new mac keyboard - but I believe it screwed up his mac and he was without it for a couple of days
  • his family went for dim sum early Saturday morning for his birthday and then they all came over for some Wii. It was really cute to see Mike's parents play tennis together
  • the markham crew stopped by in the evening for more Wii - Olympics - Ron is the king of the 100 m
  • my mom took us out for lunch the next day
Here is my recap of this past weekend and some pictures to go with it:
  • put up our ghetto Christmas tree - I must admit, it's looking better now since we had more decorations
  • purchase a cute snowman wreath to put outside our door
  • went skating with Mike's friends - had a great time until my skate pick hit the ice and I did a face plant. My knee is now totally bruised
  • baked Mars Bar cheesecake bites and gave some to the security guards of our building
  • bought most of the kids their present - now if only Julie would come over and wrap them for me
  • picked up Gino at the airport - he is back from VanCity
It's back to work. This will be my last busy week of the year. I will probably be off for the holidays from December 14th and will return in the new year. Before then, I will finally get to meet up with Darren and hopefully I will get to catch up with Jes before the holidays. Our crew is still trying to figure out what is going to happen with our annual Kris Kringle party. I have a feeling it's not going to happen this year...oh well...when we get our own house, we will be throwing parties all the time!

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