Monday, December 10, 2007

Birthday weekend

So, my birthday weekend started off with the Nike Christmas Party at Paramount. Yes, it is the third time that we have been to this venue this year - first for J&J's wedding and then for Darryl & Clecia's wedding. It was pretty boring but hey, it was a free dinner right. Plus, I got to pull a "secret mission" for a dear friend of mine. I was nervous and scared but I think that the outcome will be an everlasting one =)

Saturday began with groceries and then cooking. I made Bacon Crab mushroom caps and Roasted Red Potato Bites. I was nervous of what it would taste like. But James and Rex devoured the mushroom caps. It made my day. Rex made salsa and Empanadas, Maureen brought turon (my mom's favorite) and Ukoy (my brother's favorite), good thing they stopped by, and Julie brought an Apple cheesecake (I am eating it as I type with a glass of red wine). We chatted, played some Wii, played Name That Tune and Scene It. I had a lot of fun because I just love it when all my friends get together. It was an early night, everyone was gone by midnight.

Sunday we went to Mike's parent's house. I was greeted with hugs from the whole family. I got a nice necklace from Steph and money and aroma sticks from their mom. We played some DS, Jay is now a proud owner, I can't wait to play against him. The cutest thing was that Momma Jen was asking if any one brought a cake for me and when she realized that there was no cake, she baked one for me. Warm Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream was so yummy!!!!
Today, my dad and Gino came over. I got a satin robe and nightie from my dad and Tita Cecile. We also took our annual family Christmas photo that my dad sends out to his family.

Here is a link to my
birthday pictures. You'll see all the presents I got. I love them all and I have the best friends and family any girl could ask for. P.S. - Mike got me a gorgeous but large Cole Haan bag for my birthday.

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