Wednesday, December 19, 2007 for me

So after Sunday's big storm and being locked in the house for almost the whole weekend, I ventured out on Monday to do some shopping for myself. When I moved in with Mike, I had to get rid of a lot of clothes since we would be sharing a closet. I went from two walk-in closets to half a closet. As it started to get cold this year, I realized that I must have thrown out all my sweaters and long sleeve tops because I have been wearing short sleeves to work each day, throwing the same all sweater on top to keep me warm. So, I bought more clothes for this winter season. I spent over $200 but I got a bunch of things - a black staple sweater, a brown sweater (but it's short sleeves), a grey turtleneck, a blue/black striped sweater dress, a cute polka dot dress shirt, plus some knee highs in black and beige, brown tights, some black socks and my favorite thing to wear this year, knee high socks in an argyle print! But wait, I also bought Mike two pairs of cashmere socks, two small gifts for my friends and two gifts for some kids. Not bad for the amount that I paid. I am so proud of my purchases.

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maregonz said...

All that for $200?! Good deals!