Friday, December 14, 2007

last day before the holidays

Today is my last day before the holidays. I am tired from attending holiday events the past too days. Too much drinking wine. I have to try and get some work done here in the office even though I will probably do some work from home.

Tonight is Dianne's birthday at Kultura. I hope that I get to squeeze in a nap and maybe a quick visit to a walk in. My allergic reaction that I got last week had disappeared from my arms but it now all around my waist and is starting on my left cheek. When will this madness end and I can I go back living like a normally human being?

I am almost finish my Christmas shopping, just a few more presents to buy. I plan to do this earlier next week during the day and also I plan to start baking. I should enlist in Gino's help...

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