Tuesday, December 18, 2007

snowed in

On Sunday, we had a big snowstorm. I would say the first of the year. From Saturday night to Sunday night, it snowed consistently. Mike and I pretty much stayed in the whole weekend. If we didn't go get our haircuts Saturday morning, we would have never left the house. It was nice to relax and do nothing but there are times during the day where you go stir crazy and want to get out. I was excited on Saturday night when Mike decided that we should go to Yorkville and shop but when Sunday came rolling along and we saw how much snow there was, we chose to stay at home. Oh, and about Friday, Dianne canceled her party last minute because she got sick. Poor girl! I know that she was really looking forward to a night out. Her birthday came and went and now we have to concentrate on the little girl's birthday this weekend. Belle turns 2 on Saturday. Time is flying, I remember the day when Dianne told me she was pregnant. It seems like only yesterday and now here we are, two years later...

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