Saturday, January 26, 2008

product review: essie's over the top

From time to time, I will try to write up a short review of a product that I recently tried and would definitely recommend. Lately, I find myself always wanting to have polished nails but I do give my nails a break once in a while and just buff them to a shine. This week, I have painted my nails Over the Top by Essie - it's a metallic midnight grey, almost like gunmetal. I am in love with this colour right now, it's dark, almost black but not quite. I painted my nails Thursday night but after today, cleaning the condo, I found that most of my polish chipped off. Instead of taking it all off, I decided to do a touch up after I took a shower. I finished off the touch up with Essie Good to Go - it's a top coat that dries instantly and I am seriously talking instantly. The bonus is it also leaves a shiny coat. All girls who frequently paint their nails know that after the top coat is put on, you really have to wait a good 45 minutes before doing anything or you will wreck your manicure. With Good to Go, I was drying my hair within five minutes after I put it on and no smudges WHAT-SO-EVER!!!

|blarkness rating 5/5|

stfne hearts WF party

I haven't been out in a long time. I was sick for the last few months of 2007 so I didn't go out at all. Then comes along an invitation from my dear Stfne. She is having a farewell party at Supermarket. I have to admit that I almost didn't go because it was so cold and also in an area that I am not comfortable walking around by myself. But after talking to an old co-worker from BJ, I knew that I had to go and that I couldn't miss my dear friend's party. I am glad that I went and even stayed out longer. I was in good company, good conversation and definitely good drinks. I tasted a very yummy shooter - Swedish Berries - and it tastes just like the candy. After Supermarket we were suppose to go to China Doll but it was only 9:00 and it wasn't open yet. We ended up at Sensual Lounge because the island man needed alcohol right away, I know, the place sounds kinda seedy but it was kinda cool that the place was empty and was playing amazing old school R & B. I got home way later than planned but all in all, thank you Stfne for a great night. We must do it again soon. Wandering around not knowing where to go is always fun.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

some retail therapy

I know that it's no excuse but I was feeling a bit sad today at work. My emotions got the best of me and I didn't feel like working. But I pulled myself together and got through the day and finished all my work. See, I am all about playing favorites but it takes a toll on me when it's said in front of your face who the real favorite is. Anyway, I don't want to get into it but I decided to treat myself while shopping with Julie in Yorkville today. I bought a ring from Coach, an impulse buy and an eyeliner from Jemma Kidd. This eyeliner was something that I saw while shopping with Stfne a while back. Originally I wanted the blue one but after seeing the purple and trying it on, I just had to have it. So, there it is, shopping always makes you feel better =)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

another one off my list...

Today was my "free" day off. I mentioned it in a previous post that my boss gave me a day off this week for working so hard last week. So I decided to go to Joe and then watch a movie. It was a toss up between 27 Dresses or Juno. Since I was going to watch by myself, I decided on the funnier movie, 27 Dresses. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about going to watch alone but after I purchased my ticket and when into the theatre and saw many others there alone, I was at ease. It's actually quite nice to watch by yourself. You really don't see a different because you can't talk to people while watching anyway. So, now that I have watched a matinee alone, it's one thing I can cross off my list. What is this list you ask? It' s a list that I created in my little scrapbook, yes, a LIST. I decided that I will share it...

THINGS I WISH TO DO... (in no particular order)
Written on 01 September 2002

  1. Save enough for a down payment for a home - March 29, 2006
  2. Go away on vacation again to a beach - Punta Cana, DR, June 9-16, 2003
  3. Get my licence
  4. Make friends or amends with Kim - December 2002
  5. Find my dream job
  6. Visit Theresa and Marilen - May 2004
  7. Visit Whitehorse to see how its changed
  8. Get my wisdom teeth pulled out - February 13, 2003
  9. Buy a computer & have high speed internet - Laptop June 2004 & High-speed July 2006
  10. Learn how to swim
  11. Visit NY, specifically Sephora - well, I went to Sephora in SF in 2004
  12. Go to rock concert - Does Maroon 5 count - October 2007
  13. Watch a matinee by myself - January 23, 2008
  14. Get a library card - 2002
  15. Pay off all my debts
  16. Learn another language
So that was a list that I wrote back ages ago, I should update it with more things I wish to do. Do you have a list like mine?


I promised to show a certain someone the cupcakes I got for my birthday last year. These cupcakes were really delicious. miQ, who normally doesn't like sweets, couldn't get enough of the ChocoNut cupcake. We had two dozen to eat and polished them off quickly. The picture to the left shows the mini cupcakes. They are the right size for that little taste of goodness.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

extra day off

I am at work at the moment - and yes, it is Saturday. We have a criminal program running today and I am working a half day, from 7 am to 1:30 pm. This week, my team and I have busted our butts to put together a conference (300+ ppl) and a program (50+) on back-to-back days. We have had late nights working and many Starbucks drinks (my fav which I copied from Ross - a tall, Toffee Nut Americano with soy milk). I thought I was going mental with all this preparation but it is all worth it. Yesteryday my boss tells us that we all get a day off next week and we just need to make sure that we take them staggered. I have next Wednesday off!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i'm in love

I love the new season of One Tree Hill. I know that only three episodes have aired but it is so much more interesting than the other seasons. Maybe it's because there are new characters, maybe it's because they are now portraying older characters and it's easier to relate to them, or maybe it's because all the other shows are on hiatius because of the strike. I still can't get enough of Jamie Scott, the kid is so adorable, and the little lines that he says just melts your heart. Of course, I can't wait for next week since this week left a cliffhanger between Brooke and Victoria (her manager/MOM!!!). Now if only Nathan would cut his hair but at least he finally shaved...

On the real front, this weekend is the BC Crew's annual Kris Kringle party. We have been doing this for 9 years now and we almost did not do it this year but Ken pulled through. I guess it was decided that we would do the gift stealing game again (you know, picking numbers randomly and then going in order of picking out a gift and then the next number gets the choice of stealing a gift or opening a new one) but I was really hoping that we would draw names and buy a more personal gift rather than a generic, unisex gift. Mike and I went to go get our gifts and I don't know if others will like it but we certainly want it. Do you think that we can pick our own gift or steal our own gift?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

for those OCD people...

...who love making lists - yes cousin of mine, this also means you.

Check out this site
Listology. It's mainly about movies, television, songs, and books but if you like making lists, it's worth checking it out. I love to make lists - groceries list, shopping list, favorite TV shows lists, anything you name it. I should create a new blog just about lists. Here is my list of why I should create a LISTS blog:

1) I just like making lists
2) It's a way to remember things that I like or would like to purchase, etc.
3) I know that you want to read my lists

not so smart

For my friends who know me, they know that I am so into celebrities. I read so many magazines and websites on celebrities and also watch tons of TV. You would think that I would be able to spot a celebrity or someone famous...

I am sitting at the Gamma-Dynacare clinic downtown, waiting to get some bloodwork done. I noticed two guys walking into the cubicle where the nurse does the bloodwork. One of the guys looked extremely familiar. I think to myself that it's probably some guy who Mike knows and that is why I recognize him...nope...not Mike's friend. I finally get called by the nurse and sit in the cubicle next to the two guys. I see them come out of the cubicle and sign a Raptors hate. I asked the nurse if he was a Raptor and she said, "Yes, they come in here all the time so I get them to sign the hat for my nephew!"

When I left the clinic, I called Mike to tell him that I saw a Raptor. He asked which one, and I told him that it's one of the guys from Spain and I couldn't put a name to the face. Well, I went back to the office and it's was Jose Calderon.

Boy do I feel stupid - here I am thinking that Jose Calderon is Mike's friend. Now I know that if I ever saw Justin Timberlake walking down the street, I will think he looks familiar because he is one of Mike's friends ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tonight, I watched the season premiere of One Tree Hill. I have missed this show and am glad it's back on. Season 4 fast forwards 4 years and is quite interesting to see everyone back in Tree Hill and where their lives are at. This one character steals the show, James Lucas Scott, also known as "Jamie" - he is so adorable and makes the show so enjoyable to watch. I can't wait to see if Stephen Colletti's character, Chase makes a return and to see how Kevin Federline does playing a rocker on the show. It's nice to know that OTH is not affected by the writer's strike because I believed they finished filming the whole season.

Another show that I watched this week was Jon & Kate Plus 8. I have watched this show since the beginning. It's so interesting to watch the twins and the sextuplets grow up on TV. Two episodes were aired last night. My favorite part in the first episode, when the Gosselins go to the zoo, was when Cara was consoling and trying to wake up Collin. It was too cute when she asked him if he would like her to scratch his back. In the second episode when it was Cara and Mady's first day in school, my favorite part was when sick Aaden was on the recliner and Alexis was rubbing his head and telling the camera crew that "Aaden is her buddy". They are so adorable. I am so obsessed with this show!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

youtube is useful

I am a geek...yes, I knit...I don't know how I learned but I know how to do the basic stitches. Although, this weekend, I was about to finish the scarf for Jonny when I forgot how to cast off. I decided to look at youtube to figure out what to do. It was so helpful that checked out other stitches. I came across the Brioche stitch, it's something that my co-worker was going to teach me but we never got around it to. It's easy but it's a b*tch to do. One small move and it messes up everything. I have started a scarf with the brioche stitch, and it was suppose to be for Judy but I have messed up too many times that I am embarrassed to give it to her. Hopefully I will be able to master it one day. Oh ya, after watching more knitting videos, I realized I cast on wrong. In any case, the scarves that I have made in the past have turned out O.K. Take a look at the scarf that I started...

Friday, January 4, 2008

new side bar

Check it out - I have added new items to my side bar - a new poll, a list on books I want to read and shows I will be watching.

congrats to the newly engaged couples

Happy New Year everyone!!!! I noticed that I have once again slacked off. I have some pictures that I want to post up and I also want to do a little write up of how I spent my 2 week Christmas break, of course in point form.

For my first post of the year, I will make this short and catch up over the weekend but I would like to extend my congratulations to two couples that got engaged over the Christmas holiday, Gina & Rich and my mom & Jeff (picture to be posted later).