Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i'm in love

I love the new season of One Tree Hill. I know that only three episodes have aired but it is so much more interesting than the other seasons. Maybe it's because there are new characters, maybe it's because they are now portraying older characters and it's easier to relate to them, or maybe it's because all the other shows are on hiatius because of the strike. I still can't get enough of Jamie Scott, the kid is so adorable, and the little lines that he says just melts your heart. Of course, I can't wait for next week since this week left a cliffhanger between Brooke and Victoria (her manager/MOM!!!). Now if only Nathan would cut his hair but at least he finally shaved...

On the real front, this weekend is the BC Crew's annual Kris Kringle party. We have been doing this for 9 years now and we almost did not do it this year but Ken pulled through. I guess it was decided that we would do the gift stealing game again (you know, picking numbers randomly and then going in order of picking out a gift and then the next number gets the choice of stealing a gift or opening a new one) but I was really hoping that we would draw names and buy a more personal gift rather than a generic, unisex gift. Mike and I went to go get our gifts and I don't know if others will like it but we certainly want it. Do you think that we can pick our own gift or steal our own gift?

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