Thursday, January 10, 2008

not so smart

For my friends who know me, they know that I am so into celebrities. I read so many magazines and websites on celebrities and also watch tons of TV. You would think that I would be able to spot a celebrity or someone famous...

I am sitting at the Gamma-Dynacare clinic downtown, waiting to get some bloodwork done. I noticed two guys walking into the cubicle where the nurse does the bloodwork. One of the guys looked extremely familiar. I think to myself that it's probably some guy who Mike knows and that is why I recognize him...nope...not Mike's friend. I finally get called by the nurse and sit in the cubicle next to the two guys. I see them come out of the cubicle and sign a Raptors hate. I asked the nurse if he was a Raptor and she said, "Yes, they come in here all the time so I get them to sign the hat for my nephew!"

When I left the clinic, I called Mike to tell him that I saw a Raptor. He asked which one, and I told him that it's one of the guys from Spain and I couldn't put a name to the face. Well, I went back to the office and it's was Jose Calderon.

Boy do I feel stupid - here I am thinking that Jose Calderon is Mike's friend. Now I know that if I ever saw Justin Timberlake walking down the street, I will think he looks familiar because he is one of Mike's friends ;)

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