Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tonight, I watched the season premiere of One Tree Hill. I have missed this show and am glad it's back on. Season 4 fast forwards 4 years and is quite interesting to see everyone back in Tree Hill and where their lives are at. This one character steals the show, James Lucas Scott, also known as "Jamie" - he is so adorable and makes the show so enjoyable to watch. I can't wait to see if Stephen Colletti's character, Chase makes a return and to see how Kevin Federline does playing a rocker on the show. It's nice to know that OTH is not affected by the writer's strike because I believed they finished filming the whole season.

Another show that I watched this week was Jon & Kate Plus 8. I have watched this show since the beginning. It's so interesting to watch the twins and the sextuplets grow up on TV. Two episodes were aired last night. My favorite part in the first episode, when the Gosselins go to the zoo, was when Cara was consoling and trying to wake up Collin. It was too cute when she asked him if he would like her to scratch his back. In the second episode when it was Cara and Mady's first day in school, my favorite part was when sick Aaden was on the recliner and Alexis was rubbing his head and telling the camera crew that "Aaden is her buddy". They are so adorable. I am so obsessed with this show!


jenn said...

i love jon and kate plus eight too!


leesha said...

Hey Jenn!

I am glad to see that there is someone else out there who also watches the show. I have been trying to get MoPar to also watch it.