Sunday, January 6, 2008

youtube is useful

I am a geek...yes, I knit...I don't know how I learned but I know how to do the basic stitches. Although, this weekend, I was about to finish the scarf for Jonny when I forgot how to cast off. I decided to look at youtube to figure out what to do. It was so helpful that checked out other stitches. I came across the Brioche stitch, it's something that my co-worker was going to teach me but we never got around it to. It's easy but it's a b*tch to do. One small move and it messes up everything. I have started a scarf with the brioche stitch, and it was suppose to be for Judy but I have messed up too many times that I am embarrassed to give it to her. Hopefully I will be able to master it one day. Oh ya, after watching more knitting videos, I realized I cast on wrong. In any case, the scarves that I have made in the past have turned out O.K. Take a look at the scarf that I started...

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