Thursday, May 29, 2008

pet peeve of the summer

Women who wear sandals and expose their feet but yet their toes have only half of the polish still on, their heels are crusty and don't use cuticle oil around their toe nails.

PLEASE - if you are going to wear sandals, have the common courtesy for mankind to get a pedicure!!!!

And once your polish starts chipping, REMOVE IT and paint your toe nails over again!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

weekend recap

Here my weekend recap:

Friday started off with my working until 7 pm because I was going to meet Michele to go to Grace's stagette, well, the dinner part of it at Elephant & Castle. I was so tempted to stay with the girls for the rest of the night (because stagette are so much fun) but Mike was kind enough to hang out tonight and wait for me to finish dinner so that I would have a way home. I had a really restless sleep at night because I couldn't find my eye mask. Lately I find that if I sleep with an eye mask, I get to sleep in more since the mask blocks the incoming morning sunlight.

Saturday was "let's help others" day for me. I helped my mom clean up and pack up things at her apartment. It's kind sad that her and Gino will no longer be living there. There has been so many memories and good times in that apartment. Later at night, my mom and I met Mike to go to Brampton. There we helped, along with Mama Jen and Dianne put together Steph & Jay's wedding invitations.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day. Mike and I enjoyed a brunch buffet with JP and Lyn at the Boiler House. For $23.95, we enjoyed made-to-order omelettes, smoked salmon, french toast, belgian waffles, ham, prime rib, pasta, salads, perogies, bacon, desserts, croissants and so much more. After we went to Darryl & Clecia's new house and then to the Ponce house for a second week in a row. We ate some yummy cinnabon and just chatted. This time Rylen was so alive and happy. Last time he was a little shy but later warmed up.

P.S. - thanks for J & A for the picture message of PED XING!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wasting my time

I am sitting here on hold with the tech support for I am taking a test for an agency. I have completed the excel and powerpoint test but with my slow laptop, it's taken me forever to complete. As I started the Word test, the pop-up launcher doesn't appear. So, it's 10:15 pm, I want to go to sleep because I have to wake up at 5 am tomorrow. This is such a pain. I have three more tests to complete.

Here are some random things that are going on in my life:
  • James and Trix came over on Saturday for an last minute visit. The boys watched Semi-Pro and Trix and I quietly talked during the movie. They will be moving on the west side in two months. I can't wait because it will be cool to have friends on this side of T.O. and I always enjoy hanging out with them.
  • On Sunday, Mike and I traveled to Ajax to visit the Ponces. Darren also dropped by. I got to see Baby RJ, who is oh-so-cute. He smiles when you talk to him and is such a good baby if you just hold him. I played superheroes with Rylen and he kept on calling me "Santana". I had to check with the parents to see what he was saying and who he is talking about but they have no idea.
  • I spent the holiday Monday with MoMo. She finally opened up to me and gave juicy details about her life. I am so proud of her because over the long weekend, she was brave and went out on a limb to do things she normally doesn't do. Good dim sum, good starbucks and good conversation.
  • I finally figured out what "PED XING" means. In SF and LV, I saw this on signs and on crosswalks. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it meant. Then, just last week, it dawned on me - it means - PEDESTRIAN CROSSING!!! It all makes sense. Some times, I really am a retard!
  • Work is picking up again with Jesse leaving this Friday. I am really nervous about how things are going to be at work. Yes, I will admit it, I hate change. But I have to move on and just accept it. A relaxing vacation would help clear my mind and help me to relax...
  • DAMN IT!!! It is now 10:26 pm and I swear, the estimated time the tech support message is giving me is 4 minutes, and it's been 4 minutes since like 15 minutes ago.
That's it for me, I am going to continue to hang on, not get any sleep, be a zombie tomorrow and it will screw up my weekend. Great, now Mike is even going to sleep...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

movie review: made of honour

Last night I watched Made of Honour with Julie after work. It's really nice that Julie and I are hanging out more often. Right now we are on this "watching a movie" kick but hopefully when the weather gets warmer, we can enjoy shopping and chilling on a patio somewhere downtown. We were warned by Julie's co-worker that we should just wait for this movie on DVD and my mom said that between this movie and What Happens In Vegas (wanted to see this since we just came back from LV), Julie and I should watch MOH. It was a cute movie, a predictable ending but fun to watch because Patrick Dempsey is in it. I would tell anyone to seriously wait until it comes out on DVD but if you have a friend you want to hang out with and have free passes or gift certificates, go ahead and check out the movie. I can't wait for Sex and the City - May 30th BABY!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my special relationship with Bray Bray

The other night when I was talking to Stfne, she let me talk to Brayden. While I was talking to him, Stfne told him to tell me about his girlfriend who came over to play. He then tells his mom, "No, Tita Leesha will get mad!"

How cute is that? He thinks that I will get mad if I find out that he has a "girlfriend". Hell ya, I will get mad, let me interview her first!!!

as promised...

Here is the link to our Vegas pictures. You can also view Mike's NYC pictures and our pictures from SF. Enjoy!

And if you are interested in reading about what we did, check out Mike's blog listed on my sidebar. I have to admit, I am lazy to type it out. Mike's great at writing about the details.

Monday, May 12, 2008

survivor 16 comes to an end

I can't believe that Parvati won Survivor! I was positive that Amanda had it in the bag. I guess not...

What Ozzy had to say was so sweet, it made me tear... (it's at the middle of this clip)

It was an exciting season and for those who stopped watching, you missed out. There were so many twists and backstabbing unlike any of the other seasons. Next season is in Gamon, Africa. I can't wait!!!

back from LV

It's Monday morning and we are back from Las Vegas. What a city! I have to admit that I wasn't that excited on going but once we arrived and checked in, I couldn't wait to walk around. Mike and I didn't crash, we actually went out and came back to the hotel at 4:30 am. Not bad for an old married couple who have trouble staying up until midnight on a Friday night. Here are some highlights from our trip (pictures will be posted up soon and will put the link on another post):
  • Walking around and being able to drink on the street
  • Being able to smoke at the casinos
  • Shops open until midnight
  • The outlets and Mike's secret discount
  • Walking from Paris to Circus Circus (this is not a highlight, it's more of an accomplishment. For those who have been to Vegas, you know that this is FAR)
  • Getting to see Monte Carlo, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Treasure Island, The Venetian
  • Champagne and slot machines
  • Mom and Jeff's 8 minute wedding and their many guests that attended
  • KOI - Crispy Rice is so delicious!
  • First room - a handicap room. Then being upgraded to a corner suite with one view of the pool and Effiel Tower and another view of the Bellagio foundations
  • Being envious of the 5 guys who had a cabana suite
  • Getting a mini tan
  • Being drunk with Mike
  • Yummy cheesecake from our hotel at 2 in the morning
  • Meeting my step-brother and his wife
  • Hanging out with Dan, Katrina, Tito and Natalie at Shadow Bar
  • Being able to take the earlier flight home (a big thanks to Mike)

There are much more memories. It was a fun trip and I would like to go back some day and see more of the strip. I really wish that I had gone to Vegas when I was younger. I think that I would have had a blast with my girlfriends or with the BC Crew.

So, that's it on the vacation front. I hope to do an all-inclusive in the summer, maybe July or August before the craziness of work begins.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

LV here we come...

Mike and I leave tonight...I wasn't that excited about going (since it's such a short trip) but I really need to get out of the office. So much is going on that I can't even wrapped my head around all the changes. I am looking forward to seeing my mom get married, seeing the strip, the shopping, the hot, sunny weather and just spending time with Mike.

Now I just have to get through the next 4 hours at work...

Monday, May 5, 2008

SF recap

Like I said before, I am not going to recap our trip to San Francisco. Please check miQ's blog to read about the trip. I will recap some of my memories:
  • #1 is just being able to hang out with Marilen, we are so alike it's not funny.
  • Kara's cupcakes - you know me and my cupcake addiction. Thank you to airport security for letting me bring them back to Canada. I should have bought a dozen!
  • The warm, beautiful sunny weather that taught me to stick my hand out of the sun roof to check the weather.
  • Eating dim sum on the hood of Marilen's car.
  • Filipino breakfast every morning.
  • The cool U.S. stations that play our favorite movies.
  • The "Marilen" tour of SF.
  • Walking up the "crookedest" street.
  • BART (living room commuting).
  • Andalu - the best tapas and sangria I have ever had!
  • The warm fan after a shower.
  • Curtain/Food photography
  • Being known from another planet.
  • 7 X 7 - the best city guide.
  • Double Decker bus tours are the best - no matter how much the tour guide sucks!

MGG - thanks for the hospitality and the tour of your city. It was so much fun hanging out with you, even when we just sat around being lazy. You have an amazing loft that I would say to never leave because it's just way too cool (minus the stray cat).

Mike and I should really make SF a yearly thing. We may just do it since my mom will be moving to CA in a few years. Now, it's off to Sin City in two days. I really need to go home and pack.