Saturday, May 17, 2008

movie review: made of honour

Last night I watched Made of Honour with Julie after work. It's really nice that Julie and I are hanging out more often. Right now we are on this "watching a movie" kick but hopefully when the weather gets warmer, we can enjoy shopping and chilling on a patio somewhere downtown. We were warned by Julie's co-worker that we should just wait for this movie on DVD and my mom said that between this movie and What Happens In Vegas (wanted to see this since we just came back from LV), Julie and I should watch MOH. It was a cute movie, a predictable ending but fun to watch because Patrick Dempsey is in it. I would tell anyone to seriously wait until it comes out on DVD but if you have a friend you want to hang out with and have free passes or gift certificates, go ahead and check out the movie. I can't wait for Sex and the City - May 30th BABY!

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