Tuesday, September 30, 2008

weekend recap

I threw off my weekend recap by blogging abut Saturday first (just for the two pretty ladies). So, let's begin with my Friday night. I finally got to meet MoPar's BF. He's cute and drives a cool car. We went for dinner at Ten around 9 pm. We talked and the BF seems kinda quiet but I am sure it's because it's the first time I am meeting him. I am sure he is as outgoing as MoPar. It was an early night, I got home around 11:00 and then fell asleep an hour later. Mike will finally get to meet the BF when we go to watch Robin Thicke. I can't wait...it's next Monday. The album comes out today, I should go and buy it.

Read the previous post about my Saturday. But there is something I have to blog about. It's about my favorite Cole Haan bag that I bought in Vegas, back in May. Here is a picture of the bag but the one that I bought is in an amber colour. I loved using it all summer until I noticed this weird funky green dot on it. It's like something was starting to eat into it. I put it in the carrier bag and thought that I could get it fixed at a later date. Well, I decided to use it on Saturday. After leaving the Babe & Tots Show, I noticed this brown crap on my jeans. At first I thought that it was chocolate but then realized, it was from my bag. The greenish dot has now somewhere exploded and all this brown leathery, stick crap was oozing out and went onto my jeans. The spot had opened up and now is no longer fixable. Here is a picture of it:

I am so upset and I did express my anger in the car in front of Belle. The little sweetheart that she is, looked at me and said, "Don't worry Tita Weesh, I'll buy you a new bag". It totally made up for this disaster. I think I may have found a solution. The black version of my bag is on sale, I will have to ask Mike if he can get it for me.

Later at night, JP and Lyn came by and took me out for dinner and drinks at Spring Rolls. It was kinda cool, there was a DJ there. After they came back to my house and watch Iron Man. I have never really hung out with these two without Mike. It was nice to get to talk to them and learn more about them. They have come a long way and I am very proud of them.

Sunday was a chill day for me. My mom came over around 6 pm and we just got to hang out. We later picked up Mike and I was so glad to see him. The week without him went by very fast. I am glad that he had a great time with Bryan and they met a lot of people. Mike told me all about his trip but this meant that I slept late. I didn't go into work on Monday.

Monday, while Mike caught up on all the shows he missed, I worked and did laundry. Later inthe afternoon, I went to visit my brother. It's been 3 months and I find that as the months go by, it hurts more. I am really not looking forward to Christmas. I am so glad to be going away!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake Day

Since I am being scolded by a certain someone, I should quickly post about my day with Strawberry Shortcake's biggest fan, Isabella and her expecting mom and my sister-in-law, Dianne. The two lovely ladies invited me to join them at the Babes & Tots Show at the Living Arts Centre. We got to view baby exhibitors and watch Strawberry Shortcake sing and dance. I have to admit, even though I am not an expecting mother, I had a fun time. There are so many interesting things out there. Dianne's comment was, "Doesn't this make you want to have a baby?". Belle was devastated when SS left. She really wanted to hug her. She was so upset but the problem was solved by taking her to Toys R Us and buying her a small treat, Iggle Piggle. I have to post a picture of my handbag mishap but Belle said the cutest thing. Stay tuned for that post and more info about what else I did over the weekend.

We then came back to my house to order some Chinese food. Belle sort of kept busy watching Horton Hears a Who but then occupied herself buy playing with Iggle Piggle, Oscar Aryan and Minty. Don't even bother to ask who Oscar and Minty are, it's a long story. It was a fun day. I don't get to hang out with Dianne that often so it was nice that she came down to Sauga to keep me company. It was also nice to play with Belle and have her all to myself.

So, Dianne, here is my post about my day with the two of you. Sorry that I forgot about the photos. Here are a few but I will be burning the swimming photos and the rest of the SS photos onto CD and I will send it to you...

The Vinyl Lounge has become fully supported [A tribute to our best friend, Gino]

The Vinyl Lounge has become fully supported [A tribute to our best friend, Gino]

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Friday, September 26, 2008

my day off

It's been a pretty busy week for me. I have had sleepovers and visits and even people calling to check up on me. Mike really has nothing to worry about. I hope he is having a good time in Puerto Plata. I guess we will find out in a few days. I can't wait to see his banana boat video and hopefully some surfing pictures.

Last night Maureen stayed over. She watched Grey's Anatomy with me and some of Survivor. We also painted our toe nails. I should have take a picture of it. It was like we were at a salon, sitting next to each other on floor pillows, painting our toes. It was a "when it dry, it get dark" moment! (That was for A. Wong)

Today after Maureen left, I tried to watch Vantage Point but I fell asleep and then when I woke up, I read the October issue of In Style. I was also able to jump on MSN and talk to some old friends from high school and A. Wong. I went for lunch with Anjay and then walked around the mall. I bought the cheesiest DS game ever at WalMart, it's called, Babysitting Mania. It was only $20.

I also got from Sephora after being inspired by the latest post on BlushPretty, Stila Long Wear Lip Colour in flushed and Calvin Klein delicious light glistening lip gloss in taffy. The cashier forgot to scan my beauty insider so I didn't collect points, I have to go back to the store so I can get them added on.

Now, I am just waiting to go out for dinner with Maur and her BF. I can't wait to meet him. Then I can just chill out all day tomorrow, clean up and watch some movies before going out for dinner with JP and Lyn.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last night I stayed over at Julie's. She knew that we were in for a long TV night. We met up at Yorkdale because I wanted to check out the She Uemura line at Holt Renfrew (nope, didn't buy anything) and then walked around to look for grey boots (no luck). We bought some popcorn, picked up food at Congee Queen and went home. We first watched Amercia's Next Top Model. I don't really watch the show but will watch it if I come across it. Julie is really into the show. Next was 90210. I didn't want to start watching the show when it premiered because I didn't need to be hooked on another show. But after a few episodes, I am hooked and I think that Julie is too. Lipstick Jungle was next in the line up and I believe Julie is also hooked on the show. Let me tell you that season one only had 7 epsiodes because of the writers strike but the season premiere of season 2 - WOW!!! So much happened in an hour. Julie was amazed. I am shocked myself. I am not going to go into details but if you have nothing to watch on Wedensday ngihts at 10 pm, check it out. Also, if you miss Cashmere Mafia (it was cancelled last year) and Sex and the City, this could be your saving grace...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


...as Mike would say.

G - wherever you are, your Vinyl Lounge shirt is 100% supported and will be printed in 3-4 weeks. I did get one for you. You would be so proud of Ryan and Kamil for doing this for you. Tita thinks that you must be laughing at us trying to get whoever is willing to support the shirt but we did it and it was all for you. We miss you buddy!

So..Woot! Woot! I can't wait to get my t-shirt in the mail!

Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend recap

Seeing that it's back to Monday, I first have to say that I am excited that the Fall TV season has begun. Today though, there is no season premieres for me - it's the usual GG, OTH and The Hills. But this week is crazy and filled with the beginning of the new season. I can't wait. Mike is going to have some serious catching up to do when he returns from his vacation. Good thing he has Monday off.

Friday was a write off for me. I was exhausted from the NKTOB concert from the night before. I just watches Mike pack and slept early. Saturday, Mike and I went the mall so he could get his massage and I walked around the mall and enjoyed my Starbucks. I bought a tight purple skirt and blue slim pants. I also bought a grey blue and purple scarf. I love scarves!!! Mike bought two pairs of skinny pants. Then we got a surprise visit from the Sarmientos because Isabella wanted to go swimming. The last time I wasn't able to go swimming with her because I just got my first tattoo. It was a lot of fun and she enjoyed being in the pool with Uncle Mick. After we went to get Mike's haircut, visit my dad and then visit Gino. I made him a little something so Mike took me so that I could put it near his flowers. Next stop was Brampton so Mike could see his parents and Tango. At night, Mike and I did more packing and watched the second episode of Entourage. Sunday, I went with my mom to drop Mike off at the airport and then my mom and I went to buy my Cabbage Patch Kid. Yes, you heard me, I bought a frickin DOLL! I will post more on it later. The rest of the day was consumed with watching Season 1 of Lipstick Jungle. Robert Buckley is SUPER HOT. Please check out his body!

That's it from me, it's 7:58 and it's time to plop my a$$ on the couch...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

can't get enough of it

I f-ing love this song. I can't stop listening to it on my iPod, in the car and now that the video's out, I have to always watch the video. Damn you New Kids...

Friday, September 19, 2008


Yes, I was one of those people who was skeptical about their comeback. Yes, I was one of those people who poked fun at them that they are now too old to be dancing on stage. Yes, I was one of those people who laughed at those who bought tickets. But...after a hook up from MoPar (again, you are the best!), I enlisted the very excited StephSol to join me and boy did I have the time of my life. I got goosebumps when NKOTB came out and sang their first song, Single, off of their new album. Steph went crazy and was screaming her lungs out. I really got into it when they sang their old songs - Right Stuff, Please Don't Go Girl, Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time (my fav), I'll Be Lovin You, Hangin' Tough, Step by Step and others - they sang lots of songs from their new album but it's not the same as the oldies. Overall, I was wrong to judge because I had an awesome time. Thanks MoPar for the tickets, thanks StephSol for the company (I have to go to concerts with you more often, you are so much fun) and thanks to Mike for picking me up at the end of the night!!! NKOTB - YOU STILL RULE!!!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

random thoughts

I am happy to say that The Vinyl Lounge shirt in memory of my brother is 78% supported on www.cameesa.com. I can't wait for it to be 100% supported and the shirt gets printed. All of us are waiting to receive it. G - don't worry, I got one for you!
Work's been kinda crazy and I am not able to concentrate. It sucks but there is no much I can do. I will take a day off here and there to just chill and veg out, it's what I need. I am going to try to do something productive like make the scrapbook with memories of my brother or clean out all the stuff that's in the den or even bake.

Has anyone read a book from
Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series? It's all the rage and I see the Breaking Dawn book everywhere. MrE told me it's a great beach read but the book looks more like a a great tool to use to work out. Anyone have any feedback on the book? Did you like it?

Let's see, last night's episode of One Tree Hill was an emotional one. For those who watch OTH regularly, there is a narrator in the beginning and the ending. This episode was a girl reading her essay about a classmate who died accidentally. It really hit home for me and I cried throughout the whole show. It really touched me to see the coaches and teacher of Quentin go to see his mother. My brother's friends, eight of them came to see my mom the day after my brother passed away and then went to see my dad. It was very sweet of them. Anyway, it was a great episode...that's all I have to say.

I'm tired and can't really think of what to write. I know that I had some random thoughts that I wanted to post but they have since disappeared. I am off to bed...

Monday, September 15, 2008

snack review: bits & bites - Spicy Sweet Chili

If you love to snack as much as I do, you have to try the new flavour of Bits & Bites, Spicy Sweet Chili (MoPar - if you are reading this, go and buy it, trust me, you will love it). It's so addicting. It's got this kick that will make you want to eat the whole bag, just ask Mike. I am sure that you can find it anywhere but I bought it at Walmart for $2.77. Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

restaurant review: nyood

On Friday, Mike and I joined Ken and Carla for dinner at Nyood. After looking at their website and seeing that they had champagne cocktails, Mike and I were excited. I made a reservation using Open Table for 7:30 pm. When we arrived, we were seated right beside the front entrance. Gee, thanks...I make the reservation way ahead of time and we get seated where all the traffic is coming in. We ordered our cocktails - Gingered Bellini for me, Berry Mojito for Mike, Passion Fruit for Carla and a Jacobian Caipirinha for Ken. Since the restaurant serves tapas-style, we decide on eight dishes:
  1. Argula and Watercress Salad - not a big fan of the bitter argula, this was Mike's choice.
  2. Mozzarella di Bufala Crustini - only comes in threes but was pretty good, not anything exciting.
  3. Red Snapper Ceviche - this was delicious, if I go back to Nyood, I want to try the Lychee Ceviche.
  4. Mushroom Flatbread - this was my favorite. I know it's only flatbread but the mushroom and the cheese all blended well together.
  5. Vegetable Fritto Misto - it's basically veggie tempura with a spicy dipping sauce and a lemon dipping sauce.
  6. Chicken Cassoulet - this casserole was good, it had decent bit size pieces of chicken.
  7. Kobe Beef - served with a tomato salad, this was another one of my favorites, the texture of the beef just melted in your mouth.
  8. Matta Braised Short Ribs - Also a favorite. Fall off the bone with a spicy crunchy mixture on top. It's got that kick to it.
We were enjoying dinner, sipping on our $14 cocktails and noticed the manager or the guy who seats patrons hovering over our table. We also noticed that the bar was getting crowded. Put two and two together...THEY WANTED US OUT. HOW RUDE!!! We asked for the bill, were given a small plate of mini cookies and squares and $200 later, we were out of there. Mike and I have never hung out or dined with Ken and Carla and our dinner was cut short. We all left and walked around King/Queen West. Ken and Carla showed us their favorite stores and restaurants. It was like touring another city. We really enjoyed our night out and also enjoyed hanging out with Luella. She is a cutie and is super smart. I am so jealous of her Cabbage Patch Kid. I want one!

movie review: the sisterhood of the traveling pants

Last night, I went with Mike and Maureen to Seoul House for some Korean/Japanese food. They recently renovated the restaurant and it looks awesome. Very awesome. We opted to not eat bbq but the smell of the food made us regret just ordering off the menu. We'll just have to wait another time to cook our own house. It's under new management but the prices and menu are the same.

Anyway, after dinner, we went to watch The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. I have wanted to watch this movie all summer but I wanted to wait until I finished reading Forever in Blue (the last installment of the series. The movie was actually really just based on the last book. And seeing that I just finished the book, I remember every little part so the movie was not that interesting. The stories were choppy (just like in the book), Carmen's story was boring, Bridget's story lacked a male counterpart, Tibby's character had a lot going on for her and she is so funny, Lena had the main storyline and what Mike pointed out - how are these young girls able to fly all over the place in one summer? So in the end, not too impressed and I should have just waited to watch it on DVD. I really loved the first movie, I cried to pieces when I watched it. Maybe if I didn't read the book, I would have had a more emotional attachment to it.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

fabFIVE on rotation

I haven't done one of these in a long time. As you know, I am normally behind in the music scene but here is what I have been listening to lately:

Forever, Chris Brown - Yes, I know, this song has been out for a while but it's really catchy. I remember dancing like crazy when it came on a Trix and James' wedding.

I Kissed a Girl, Katy Perry- This song is old too but I didn't like it at first. Now...I can't stop listening to it.

Disturbia, Rihanna - Will this song get out of my head? I love the video and the way she is so dark and disturbed. Her performance at the MTV awards was pretty kick-ass!

In the Ayer, Flo-rida - As always, I only like a song once I hear it on a show and guess what, I heard it last week on One Tree Hill and The Hills. Mike claims he told me about this song a long time ago and was trying to get me to listen to it, but of course, I am stubborn!

Magic, Robin Thicke - My favourite artist at the moment and has been since I saw him in concert last year. MoPar is getting tickets for his October 6th concert. I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

book review: Gossip Girl - The Carlyles

I started reading the GG series before the show came out. It all started back in 2002 when S. Daga lent me the first book, Gossip Girl. She wasn't into it but I was totally wrapped in it and wanted to read more. So I bought the next few books. Over the years, I read all eleven books and even last year's prequel, It Had to be You. I was hooked and was so excited when I heard the news that they were going to make GG into a television series. Then over the summer when I thought my GG reading days had come to an end, A. Recto lends me the new book, The Carlyles. Triplets who move to the Upper East Side into Blair Waldorf's old apartment. I have to admit, at first I wasn't impressed. I was bored and confusion with all the new character, A, O, B, J.P, J, etc...I was thinking of the old character, B, S, D, J, C, N, etc...By the last few chapters, it did get interesting and the drama started to creep up. I think I will be hooked again in time. The next book comes out next month...maybe I will have to buy it.

You know you love me,
Gossip Girl

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Monday, September 8, 2008

as john grisham would say, i'm "SKIPPING CHRISTMAS" this year

Done and done is what Mike would like to say. For the first time, Mike and I will be away on a beach for the holiday season. I say the holiday season because I will no longer be celebrating Christmas. If I could afford it, I would want to be away for both Christmas and New Years. But I can handle New Years Eve in the city. With my brother no longer with us, the holidays will be a difficult time for me. It's a long story about why I feel the way I do during the holidays but Gino and I always managed to get through it. At least this year, I won't be in tears on the 25th...so I hope. Anyway, Mike and I booked with our travel agent Dionne at the Travel Show and we will be staying at Paradisus Princesa del Mar in Varadero from December 20-27, 2008. Cuba is not my first pick but Mike and I have not been to Cuba together. I went in 2004 with Julie to Varadero and Mike went with JP last September to Holguin. I was thinking about going back to Grand Sirenis in the Mayan Riviera but our travel agent refused to book us to go there again. So, we got a good deal and I can't wait to go...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

finding treasure

I just came back from my dad's. I had to pick up Gino's computer to bring it home to sort through it. I found some videos of when he and two of his friends drove for 27 hours to Winnipeg to see the kanye west concert. I love how I found live footage of Gino. I know that awong didn't really want me to see their cheesy videos but it's memories of my brother. I love it. My parents weren't the videotaping kind of I am so glad that there are these videos where I can see my brother live and actually hear his voice. I was upset before that I didn't have a message saved from him. So it's like finding treasure...I know it's going to hurt to view and hear them but it will also be a bit comforting.

BONUS - I called up Brian and he was in the area so he stopped by. I got to see his tattoo. It's the letter "G" in memory of my brother. I am so touched that he got it. And it looks awesome! Oops, I was in the area and I forgot to call Rose...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

earls nite out

Mike is watching ANTM and I just got home from drinks with Kathy Cruz (long time family friend) and Aileen (my former Miss Valley friend). It was nice to catch up with Kathy and get to know Aileen a bit more outside of Steph and her crew. We had many laughs and planned to meet seasonally. We had our outing for the summer, next one in the fall before December.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

recap of the long weekend...

This is the first long weekend of the summer that I got to relax and didn't have to worry about anything. Friday night was my first night alone since my brother's death. I was fine, I wasn't scared. I just chilled out and finished Forever in Blue, the last installment of the Sisterhood series. Now I just want to go and watch the movie. Saturday, Mike and I woke up really early and were out of the house by 8 am. We made a trip to Rona, Home Depot, the new Wal-Mart superstore and the filipino sweets store. We finally got our four light fixtures - a chandelier for our bedroom, a fixture for the bathroom and two for the hallway. I can't wait for my mom and Jeff to put them up tonight. The rest of Saturday was watching movies and we watched more when we went to the Sarmiento's house in Aurora on Sunday. We watched so many and even watched some of them twice that I don't remember what we watched. To wrap up the weekend, Mike and I spent most of yesterday at Marlon and Reinard's place because Lovielyn, Shaanaz and Brian K got tattoos. All their other halves came along so it was like one big tattoo party. I was tempted to get another tat but it will have to wait for another time. I already have something in mind. So that was my weekend. It was capped off with my TV night - Gossip Girl at 8 pm (which I missed, luckily is was on again at 11 pm), One Tree Hill at 9 pm and The Hills at 10 pm.

Side note - G, you would have loved the OTH episode. Nanny Carrie is back and she is more psycho and even crazier than Derek. I missed you last night, Monday TV night is not the same without you.

Back to the tattoo day, I never posted up a picture of the tattoo I got in memory of my brother. I think that I got it on August 1st with Carmen and Mike. Mike got three stars (explanation on his blog) and Carm got two butterflies on her left wrist in memory of her friend and baby who passed away last year. So, here is a crappy picture that I took this morning on the bus of my tattoo on my right wrist. I love it, I think that Gino would like it and I thank Marlon so much for inking me!