Tuesday, November 4, 2008

buffalo shopping

Recently, Mike and I went to Buffalo with the Dagas (yes, I know that the dollar is bad). I wasn't planning to buy anything, well, maybe a new Cole Haan bag to replace my other bag that got raped. We basically went to the outlets very quickly and to Target. Here is the bag that I bought (this picture doesn't do any justice, you have to see if in real life):

Stfne also bought a bag. She wasn't planning to buy one until she found out that I only paid $150 for mine. We didn't have to twist her arm. Once Rex agreed to her buying a bag, she marched straight into the store (I guess she was eyeing one already) and pick it up to go and pay for it. Here is her bag:

I am not going into detail about our very fast shopping trip but I do have to say that it was nice to spend time with the Dagas. It was a warm sunny day, conversation was great, dinner at Spring Rolls was fun and the company was awesome. I am glad that I have now introduced Brayden to Peek-a-Pooh. S & R - Don't forget to always buy him one whenever you come across them.

Here is our driving playlist (all of Brayden's fav songs):
So What - Pink
Miss Independent - Ne-Yo
Lovebug - Jonas Brothers
Burnin Up - Jonas Brothers
S.O.S. - Jonas Brothers
Flo-Rida - In the Ayer

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stephSol said...

nice bag!!!!