Friday, January 23, 2009

product review: exact eyelights eye-brightening mascara

I have been wanting to try this mascara for some time after seeing an ad in In Style. When I see advertisements in this magazine, I automatically assume, I can't buy it in Canada. I was recently at Rexall and Cover Girl's Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara was on sale for $6.79 (regular price $8.99). I picked up Black Sapphire for my boss who has blue eyes and I picked up Black Ruby for myself eventhough I have brown eyes. On my boss, it totally brightens her eyes - Black Sapphire has a tint of blue. As for me, I bought Black Ruby because it's a plum/maroon colour. It doesn't really brighten my eyes like my boss Jessica's lashes, it just darkens them (is darkens a word?). Maybe I should try the mascara for brown eyes. What I really like is that it has the plastic flexible brush, I prefer this kind of wand rather than the brush type. Oh and it has a patented no clump brush. I have tried and tested it and it's TRUE! Here are the colours they have:

Brown eyes - Black Pearl
Blue eyes - Black Sapphire
Green eyes - Black Ruby
Hazel eyes - Black Gold

I do like the mascara for an everyday mascara. It doesn't really plump or lengthen lashes. I have yet to take it off to see how easy it is to remove (luckily the one that I bought isn't the waterproof kind).

| blarkness rating: 4/5 |

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