Saturday, February 28, 2009

goodbye sam

Mike broke the news to me that Sam's Club was closing all its stores in Canada. And this morning I found out that they are closing on March 1st and that's tomorrow!!! It will be reopening again on after March 9th - after all business members have the week prior to take advantage of sale and clearance items. I wonder if there will be anything left. Mike and I are interested in maybe getting a camera, snorkel kit and books.

So to my friends who have Costco memberships - can I go with you on your next Costco run?

Friday, February 27, 2009

bray and ry

My two little buddies, who I have known since they were born are so grown up now. These boys - Brayden, 5 and Rylen, 4 are so near and dear to my heart because they are the first babies of my girlfriends, Stfne and Jes. Most of my friend's kids don't know me (well, Luella knows me now) but Bray and Ry are the two kids that I get to visit frequently. I can't believe how fast they are growing up. I try to hug them as much as I can...while I still can because soon, they won't want to be hugged by their Tita Leesh. I found these pictures on a CD - I had to clear out my personal pictures from my work computer and I got a kick out of how small the boys are in the picture. Brayden is on the left and Rylen on the right.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the duggers

I have this weird relationship with the TLC's show, 18 Kids and Counting...

I first watched a bit of the show at the Ponce's house (back then it was called 17 Kids and Counting) and Jessica told me what the premise of the show was. I have to admit, it intrigued me but at the same time I was in shock that this woman had 17 (or now 18) kids naturally, none of them are adopted!

One day I caught the Dugger wedding episode. What was crazy was the oldest son, Joshua was getting married and he had never kissed the girl he was going to spend the rest of his life with. They just hold hands. WTF!!! With all due respect, great for them but so hard to believe.

When it comes down to it, I think watch the show when there is absolutely nothing else to watch and probably because it's so weird the way this family lives. It's so odd and strange and so unbelievable. I just watch with this weird look on my face because I just can comphrend their style of living.

Right now, it's on but I have a feeling if I start to watch it, I will get annoyed.

On a personal note - speaking of kids - Mare/Dianne - any news on the baby front?

Monday, February 23, 2009

the results are in...

Thanks to those who voted. Aren't polls fun?

The favorite wedding movie results are:

75% My Best Friend's Wedding (I voted for this one)
1% The Wedding Planner
1% Bride Wars (Pernia - was this your vote?)

And the results from favorite Nicholas Sparks book turned movie are:

70% The Notebook
40% A Walk to Remember (I voted for this one)

yelp me

With the persistence of moPar and Jenn, I have finally posted some reviews on Yelp. I don't have any friends on yelp but as long as I have moPar, Jenn and Mr. E, that's all that matters to me. I figured that since I already post reviews on my blog, I might as well do it on yelp to share with a broader audience range. If you have some time, you can check out my profile but bare with me, I am just getting started. I need to get use to all that yelp has to offer.

embarrssing moment of the day

I decided that I wanted a sub from Subway and was going to limit myself to $6 for lunch today. I put a loonie and a 5 dollar bill in my pocket, along with my iPhone. As I was walking to Subway, I bumped into Gino's friend, Tilley and convince her to come get a sub. Thank goodness she was with me because as I was going to pay, I digged deep into all the pockets in my jacket and found that I dropped the $5 somewhere along the way, probably when I pulled out my phone with my gloves on to call Mike.

I am truly embarrassed that Tilley had to pay for my sub. She said that it was better that she was there to pay for it, rather than me standing there with only a loonie.

Thanks Tilley - I owe you!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

weekend recap

My weekend started off with a small shopping trip with Julie to Fairview Mall. We didn't buy anything, well, I bought some hand soap and a nail brush from Bath & Body Works. Then I went with Mike to the Dagas. The purpose of this visit was for me to be the "dummy" for Stfne to practice a 5-minute make up routine. She also took some time to do an updo and wax my eyebrows. I love being pampered, getting beautified and Stfne told me that she loves that she gets to practice hair and makeup on me. Mike and I got to enjoy the delicious food made by Rex - Greek pizza, bean salad and Au Gratin - and also play with Brayden and Callum. I love for Bray calls his dad by his first name and I love how Callum smiles if you just look at him.

On Saturday, Ken, Carla and Luella came over for dinner. Mike and I haven't cooked in ages so we decided on something that's easy - honey garlic ribs (recipe provided by Stfne), roasted asparagus, red potatoes and sweet potatoes - it turned out pretty good. I was surprised that Luella ate everything that was put on her plate because normally, kids are picky. We got to catch up with Ken and Carla and had a few good laughs. I love how Luella calls me my full name "Alysia" as opposed to Auntie Leesh (Bray calls me Tita Leesha, Rylen calls me Tita Leesh and Belle calls me Tita Weesh) and it's so cute how she pronounces it.

Today, I want to do something productive but I am so lazy. I want to either transfer my files from my old computer (I still have not done this), write numbers in my new phone book (I lost all my contacts from my cell phone), iron or maybe bake cookies. It's almost 2 pm, let's see if I end up doing anything.

quick manicure

One of my pampering indulges is getting manicures, or just even changing the colour of my nail polish. I usually go to Buff Nails - they charge $10 for shape and polish and only $6 for polish but I am being frugal these days and just giving myself a manicure. Lately, I have been polishing my nails weekly and it has put a toll on them. They are slightly discoloured. On my recent trip to Fairview Mall, I stopped buy Bath & Body Works and picked up a nail brush (ever since I moved out of my mom's - it's been over two years, I have been without a brush). This brush is not your typical brush (think of the ones with white, hard bristles), it's got really soft bristles and it feels like you are getting a mini massage. I guess it's so soft that Luella who is 2, was brushing her hair with it and also using it on her toes (don't worry it wasn't used by me yet).

Anyway, today, I gave myself a mini, quick manicure. I rubbed a piece of lemon over my nails and then quickly scrubed them with the brush. This routine took me about 5 minute and now my nails look clean and healthy. For now, I plan to give my nails a rest from polish and just repeat this routine every other day to remove the staining.

Friday, February 20, 2009

for the love of soup

I am almost positive that I did a post about soup before. Well, I finally went for some Baked Lobster and Crab Soup at The Red Tomato. Normally, the soup is $8.79 but if you good during Happy Hour (3-6 pm or 10 pm to 12 am), it's only $5.79. It is so good especially on a cold day like yesterday. I met with moPar so that we could catch up. Can you believe the last time I saw her was on January 12th when we went to watch Twilight after work? We were joined by some surprise guests - Jenn and Jay. Jenn also order the soup - [what did you think of it Jenn?] and Jay just drank beer.

After we ate, moPar and I went to get some dessert and tea at Ten in Mississauga since we didn't like any of the desserts on Red Tomato's menu. We weren't too impressed with Ten's menu either but we settled with Warm Flourless Chococlate Cake with drunken raspberries and vanilla ice cream. It was so delicious - I love the chocolate and rapsberry combo. We didn't get tea because we found out it was $5 martinis. moPar got Hypnotic Cosmo (Hypnotic and white cranberry juice) and I got Drunken Peach (peach schnapps and champagne).

We gossiped to our hearts content and called it a night. It was so nice to see her and just chat about everything going on in our lives. We really shouldn't wait for another month to go by before we see each other again! question to everyone - where is your favorite place to get dessert and what is your favorite dessert to order?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

list of movies I want to watch (Feb edition)

It's that time...MOVIE LIST are the upcoming movies until the end of June that I want to watch. K. Kelly made me think that it's time to make a new list and again as moPar suggested, I am going to try and include trailers. As a recap from my December post, I watched everything but The Day the Earth Stood Still (found out it was an alien movie), Notorious, He's Just Not That Into You (will watch it soon) and Confessions of a Shopaholic (heard bad reviews from those who have read the book).

You will notice that all the movies I want to watch are not serious, Oscar-type movies. In light of what has happened to me, I need to watch comedic movies. Nothing heavy or serious because I can't handle it.

March 20, 2009 - Knowing - This trailer played before Twilight and since I watched Twilight 4 times, this movie is instilled in my brain. It's so creepy with numbers and disasters. I am not a fan of Nicholas Cage but this just looks so interesting.

April 3, 2009 - Fast & Furious - Although Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift is my favorite out of the first three, I would still want to see this installment. P.S. Tokyo Drift is my secret guilty pleasure movie, I love the song by The Teriyaki Boys in the car garage scene and I love, love the car chase scene when they drift in downtown Tokyo.

April 17, 2009 - 17 Again - This movie is 13 Going on 30 for guys. LOL! I am going to drag Mike to watch Zac Efron...

May 1, 2009 - X-Men Origins: Wolverine - I like the X-Men movies and this one will be more interesting now that Ryan Reynolds is in it. I enjoy the storyline of mutants/humans.

June 12, 2009 - The Proposal - Sandra Bullock is the best for chick flicks (although I don't know about the movie, All About Steve) and Ryan Reynolds again is in this movie (he is eye candy).

product review: tarte lights, camera, lashes!

As most of you already know, I am mascara whore. I live for mascara and am always willing to try out new ones. Luckily, I got a hold of a tester (from Sephora's Beauty Insider points - thanks moPar) and put my lashes to the test. I have a lot of lashes (both top and bottom) but they are thin and thankfully long. So, I look for a mascara that separates but adds volume (right now my #1 mascara is Max Factor's Volume Couture, the waterproof one).

My thoughts on the Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! 4 in 1 natural mascara is that it doesn't do the job for me. It's called 4 in 1 because it lengths, curls, creates volume and conditions. I am not sure it does all four. It does lengthen but also clumps. I had to use a lash comb after to separate. I found that it did not curl or add volume. As for the conditioning, I couldn't tell. Also, it has this alcohol-y smell that I can't stand.

If you need lengthening, this mascara may work for you but I don't recommend it. Maybelline's Lash Discovery is more likely to do the trick and it's cheaper!

[ blarkness rating: 2/5 ]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

bucket list

This bucket list was copied from Jenn's blog. I thought that it would be interesting to complete this and maybe it might encourage me to do some other things in my life.

N - Gone on a blind date
N - Donated Blood (don’t weigh enough)

Y - Skipped school
N - Watched someone die
Y - Been to Canada
Y - Been to Mexico
N - Been to Florida
N - Been to Hawaii
N - Ran out of gas while driving
Y - Been on a plane
Y - Broken the law
Y - Been on a helicopter (been on a 4-seater plane)
Y - Been lost
N - Gone to Washington, DC
N - Hugged a homeless person
Y - Swam in the ocean
Y - Swam with Stingrays (touched them)
N - Been sailing in the ocean
Y - Cried yourself to sleep
N - Lived in more than one state
N - Played cops and robbers
N - Done a back flip on a trampoline
Y - Recently coloured with crayons
N - Gone on a diet
N - Ran a marathon
Y - Made a life-long friend
Y - Sang Karaoke
N - Volunteered at a soup kitchen
N - Been ice fishing
Y - Paid for a meal with coins only
N - Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch
Y - Seen the Northern Lights
N - Been Parasailing
N - Been on TV
Y - Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t
N - Learned to play an instrument well
Y - Made prank phone calls
Y - Fallen hopelessly in love
N - Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Y - Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
N- Fed an elephant
Y - Caught a snowflake on your tongue
N - Had a child
N - Fired a gun
Y - Danced in the rain
N - Been to the Opera
Y - Written a letter to Santa Claus
N - Serenaded someone
N - Seen a U.S. President in person
Y - Been kissed under the mistletoe
N - Been to Africa
Y - Watched the sunrise with someone
N - Driven a race car
N - Been to a National Museum
Y - Dyed your hair
Y - Been to a Wax Museum
N - Seen Mount Rushmore
Y - Eaten caviar
N - Broken a bone
Y - Blown bubbles
Y - Gone ice-skating
N - Been scuba diving/snorkelling
Y - Gone to the movies
N - Been deep sea fishing
N - Driven across the United States
N - Been in a hot air balloon
N - Been sky diving
N - Gone snowmobiling
N - Lived in more than one country
N - Learned a foreign language
Y - Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets
Y - Seen a falling star and made a wish
N - Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser
N - Seen the Grand Canyon
N - Seen the Statue of Liberty
N - Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle
N - Been on a cruise
Y - Traveled by train
N - Traveled by motorcycle
N - Been horse back riding
N - Ridden on a San Francisco cable car
Y - Been to Disneyland OR Disney World
N - Truly believed in the power of prayer
N - Been in a rain forest
N - Seen whales in the ocean
Y - Been to Niagara Falls
N - Ridden on an elephant
N - Swam with dolphins
N - Been to the Olympics
N - Walked on the Great Wall of China
N - Saw and heard a glacier calf
N - Been spinnaker flying
N - Been water-skiing/wakeboarding
Y - Been snow-skiing/snowboarding
N - Been to Westminster Abbey
N - Been to the Louvre
N - Swam in the Mediterranean
Y - Been to a Major League Baseball game
N - Been to a National Football League game
Y - Been Married
N - Been Divorced
N - Swam with sharks
N - Been White Water Rafting
Y - Seen a Broadway show
N - Written a book or screen play

Holy crap, there are a lot of things I have not done on this list. I could have done a lot if I wasn't so afraid of the water. One thing I will do, maybe go on a cruise. Annual June vacation coming up, I might be able to make it happen!

Monday, February 16, 2009


My dad bought me a box of Lindt chocolates for my birthday. I had never seen the box before so Mike and I were convinced that they were a bootleg version. But no, they were real and they were so good. The problem is, my dad doesn't remember where he bought it. He thinks it was now I am on a hunt for the box. I thought I saw it at the Shoppers at RBC Plaza, I will have to check tomorrow because I am having a huge craving for them. So bad I could eat the whole box.

movie review: nights in rodanthe

OK - I am going to bait out Mike - he was the one who wanted to watch Nights in Rodanthe. I have read every single Nicholas Sparks book and have even watched the books that have turned into a movie - Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember and The Notebook - but this book/movie just did not interest me.

This movie was brought me to tears because I could relate but the whole storyline didn't do anything for me. After watching this movie, it does make me want to spend a summer in North Carolina.

[ blarkness rating: 2.5/5 ]

Sunday, February 15, 2009

movie review: bride wars

I have wanted to watch Bride Wars since it came out. I am a sucker for wedding movies (The Wedding Planner, My Best Friend's Wedding, Made of Honour, 27 Dresses, The Best Man, The Wood, The In-Laws, Sweet Home Alabama) even though I didn't care too much to plan my own.

Anyway, I was going to drag Anjay to watch it with me and then a few weeks ago I was going to watch it by myself after work one Monday but I finally went with my mom this morning. I love, love, love this movie...any movie that has to do with a wedding and New York hits high in my books. This movie is funny and sad all wrapped up in one. Pernia was right about this movie - she said that I would love it!!!!

I would say to watch this movie with a girlfriend or wait until it comes out on DVD and play it at a Girls Night In, also any soon-to-be brides will get a kick out of this movie. One person who has to see this is Stfne. She has or had this thing for Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill, October Road, Prime, The Perfect Score) and I loved him in this movie even if it was a small role. I love how he always plays the good guy.

What I liked about the movie - the trench coats they wear, and their bags, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, Bryan Greenberg, the wedding planning and the things they do to get at each other.

[ blarkness rating: 5/5 ]

Saturday, February 14, 2009

fresh flowers = brighter day

When we had our guests over on Wednesday, I picked up to bunch of hydrangeas. I thought it might make a bit of a difference to have a centerpiece on our dining room table and I was hoping that it was going to last until Valentine's Day. So, here we are Saturday, V-day and my flowers look great.

Although it might get expensive, I am going to try to get fresh flowers every so often because it adds this warm bright feeling to our condo. I love going into flower shops and just asking about all the different types of flowers they have. My next purchase from Chapters is going to be a flower encyclopedia with lots of coloured photos.

Friday, February 13, 2009

hard work = day of nothing

After working my butt off for the Arnup Cup competition, I decided to take the day off. I could have hung out with some of my friends who are not working but I ended up just taking some time to myself and do nothing.

So far I have eaten some cookies, watched Wednesday's episode of Lost, last week and yesterday's episode of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I spoke to a certain someone about the shows that I missed and I so do not trust their judgment. This person said that the shows were not exciting and boy, were they wrong. I loved it. Lost, Grey's and PP had great episodes, the storylines are picking up (I especially liked the crossover) my lesson learned is to trust no one and watch shows for myself!

I also watched season premiere of Making the Band 4 and Survivor 18. MTB 4, it's the fourth part (1 - picking Day 26, 2 - DK and Day 26 making their albums, 3 - the groups touring). As you may have read, Aubrey and D. Woods were last seen being kicked out of the group and now the three girls are trying to pick up the pieces. I loved watching the other parts of Season 4 but this time around, it's a bit boring. There will be fights and drama but I am not sure if I am interested in it, I guess we will see after the next episode if I feel like caring. As for Survivor, I like to think that I am a fan, I have seen every season except for the last season and that's because the people they picked were boring. It put me to sleep trying to watch so I gave up. But with the new season starting, this time in Brazil, I thought I would give it a chance and it's caught my attention. Good job CBS, you picked a better group of people.

After catching up on my shows, I finally downloaded iTunes on my new laptop and will begin the painful process of transferring files from my old laptop to this new one. I am sure it's going to take me a while so it will be done over the course of the weekend. My other plans are:
  1. Getting my glasses fixed
  2. Going to Niblick (however it's spelt) with my mom for Scott's birthday
  3. St. Lawrence Market with Mike tomorrow morning
  4. Haircut at MK Design in the morning
  5. Visit Gino and bring him some new fresh flowers
  6. Watch Bride Wars with my mom
  7. Skating with Belle
  8. Soup run with moPar
  9. Maybe see Julie, if she stops by
  10. Laundry
So that's what I plan to do over the weekend. As for Valentine's Day, Mike has a seafood buffet planned out that we are going to do at home and he has invited a few people over. I just can't wait for some "champy".

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. - Carm - I don't know if you read my blog but Happy B-day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sisterhood of the traveling pants

No, I am not talking about the movie, I am talking about two of Gino`s friends who came by our place tonight. Rose and Katherine (aka Fern) are the type of travellers that I will never be. They are adventurers and they came over last night to convince me that there is more to a vacation than just sitting and lying on the beach. Really? I thought life's a beach...

Anyway, they shared their pictures of recent trips to Costa Rica and Belize. I have to admit I am envious that these girls go off the beaten path but I don't think it's me. I probably have to start with our usual all-inclusive trips and get off my lazy butt and go on an excursion. They did suggest that instead of booking all these day trips, we should try booking the flight and hotel separately so that we can experience the place that we are visiting.

I wish I was more adventurous but after talking to Rose and Fern, I realized how uptight I am. I hate being in a wet bathing suit, I hate water in my ears, I hate sand on my chair, I need a 5 star hotel room...God, why am I blessed with OCD and so anal-retentive? LOL!

I really enjoyed having the girls over and I also liked how Rose shared some stories about her and Gino and also showed me her favorite picture of the two of them. I always say it but I am so thankful that Gino's friends still keep in touch with me. It always brings back memories of Gino and makes me feel like he is around when I am with his friends.

the lost art of writing letters

With technology always changing and advancing, everyone emails, send text messages, IMs, does that blackberry thing, what's it called, "ping"?

What ever happened to sending a letter or note by mail? Yes, I am a true believer that the postal service SUCKS and you can't guarantee that your letter will reach its destination but if all goes well, I think it's nice to receive mail - a personal letter or an invitation, rather than a mass email or an evite.

I believe I am one of four people I know (Julie, Stfne and my boss) who still likes to write on note cards and mail them out. I hope that there are other people out there who don't mind picking up a pen and some cute stationery to keep in touch with loved ones. If you are a technology freak, try being old-fashion for once and write a letter to someone. Who knows, you might get something back in return.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

happy birthday sahinder!

To my dear sister-in-law, Stephanie, who is basking in hot sun...Happy Birthday!!!
Although you are not here and I can't call to greet you, I'm sure you will see this when you get back.

Hope you guys are having fun...

Monday, February 9, 2009

dianne takes the cupcake

I know I voted and Dianne voted...who knows who else voted...but I would say that Dianne takes the "cake"!!! DIANNE - You are the winner (even though there was no contest)!!!! You get one cupcake from Starbucks the next time I see you, vanilla bean of course!

animal crossings for DS

I am dipping my feet in the water and testing out Animal Crossings - Wild World for Nintendo DS. See, Boss wants me to buy Animal Crossings - City Folk for Wii. She says it's really addicting when you first start (like you will be playing for 10-12 hours straight) so since I don't have the time yet, I am practicing on the DS. It is quite addicting when trying to get your bearing but fun because you are playing in real time. I am still figuring out how to do certain things like fishing and this poses a challenge when you don't have an instruction book. I spent a few hours in the beginning just trying to figure out the whole point of the game. Viva Pinata kept me occupied for over a month now and it's time to move on to Animal Crossings. [ blarkness rating so far: 4/5 ]

Friday, February 6, 2009

a better day

Day 1 of the Arnup Cup competition is over. I got home at 8:00 pm, a record time. So I was very worried about the competition, I was expecting things to go wrong...well the worse thing did go wrong...the courtroom that was assigned to us was actually in session when we arrived to start setting up. We struggled to find a new courtroom that suited our needs. My guardian angel must have heard my distress call because about 25 minutes before we were to start...the court room adjourned for the day!!!! The rest of the day went off without a hitch...Now that the worst has happened, it should be smooth sailing from here. Only 14 hours to work tomorrow and then I can relax until the national competition in March.

Guardian angel...if you are out there listening, please let tomorrow have NO hiccups and I will owe you big time =)

wishful thinking

Do you ever have days when you wish you were someone else? Or wish that you were anywhere else in the world except for here? Do you ever wish that you could control certain aspects in your life and change them? Do you ever wish that you had a magic wand that would make all the bad things disappear? Do you ever wish that you could run away and not look back?

When it comes down to it, I need some changes in my life. I know what I want and what I need. For now I need to either win the lottery or find a magic wand.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

why the heck am i wake?

It's 4:50 in freaking morning. I have been awake since 4 am and it's because the covers had been stolen by Mike. But now I can't go back to sleep because I am thinking about work. I can't get it out of my head.

Around this time of year, I help organize a regional mock trial competition for law students across Ontario. The competition takes place Friday afternoon and all day Saturday but there are also nightly social events. It makes for a really long and tiring weekend. Then I am also involved in the national competition which take next month.

Needless to say, this is not my favorite time of the year. I can't sleep because I am so paranoid that I am forgetting something, I am so tired and grouchy all the time. I can barely eat and it's cold outside. I am full of complaints.

For now, I can't wait to get this weekend over with. It will give me some breathing room for about a week before I go into full force with the next competition. I am really looking forward to Family Day to relax and do nothing since I have lost a lot of sleep.

Well, I might as well go to work so that I can do what is lingering in my head. I hope to get out of work on time and get my scary eyebrows threaded and see if the cracked len in my glasses can get fixed tonight. I also hope that I am not too tired to watch the Grey's/Private Practice combined episode tonight.

I am jealous of those who are still deep in sleep. Lucky ducks!

Monday, February 2, 2009

starbucks vanilla bean cupcake

The last flavour of the Starbucks cupcakes - vanilla bean. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of vanilla cupcakes but this one takes the cake (haha - pun intended). I really enjoyed this cupcake, and so did Mike but chocolate is still my favorite.

[ blarkness rating: 4.5/5 ]

(I gave a deduction of 0.5 because it's not chocolate - LOL)