Friday, June 26, 2009

so mad...

I am extremely angry at someone right now for leaving. I honestly wish this person could feel what I am going through. I hate feeling this way and I hate having to be honest because I know I will just hurt someone's feelings.

Right now because I am coming down with a cold and am angry, I just want to climb into a hole and hide for a this possible?

he was a cute kid

Our new friends from the West Coast showed Mike and I this cool website to create fun photos. So when my mom scanned Gino's picture from when he was starting school, I just had to make a funny little photo to make me smile...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

random reviews

Here are some reviews of things that I have done lately - an all-inclusive resort, a restaurant and a social event. I won't write an extensive review but I will just jot down a couple of good and bad points.

Occidental Royal Hideaway Ensenachos

I believe that this resort is normally expensive during the regular season but going during low season, Mike and I only paid $1089 each (and that's with Air Canada). The reason why it's cheap is the fact that they close down half the resort. NOTE TO SELF - when you see a price for a SUPERSAVER ROOM, don't get it. It means that you are being placed in a room that is far from the lobby. So, if you want to lose weight and get excercise, get this room catergory because you will be doing a lot of walking (me, I'm lazy. I wanted to wait for a tram every time we had to go to the lobby or back to our room). That was one of my bad points.


  • The dinner reservation system was a bit bothersome if you are a group who wants to have dinner together but are in different bungalows. We were in 42, Wes and Tina in 20 and JP and Lyn in 23. I wish that you could just book your reservation all in one shot at the beginning of the week. Well, we did do that but our concierge could not confirm the time for each night. It was very upsetting to get back to our room at 6 pm only to find out our dinner was at 7 pm.
  • Cats - I am terrified of cats and they were all over the place. One person at the resort pointed out that cats are a good thing because they eat all the mice or snakes or whatever. I don't care, I don't want to see cats while I am on vacation.

  • The beach - both Megano and Ensenachos
  • The pool - two pool and both are equally so relaxing and quiet
  • Lobster almost every night
  • The beach/pool butler service (Yuri)
  • Fried calamari for lunch
  • Miami Vice, Havana Special, Mojitos
  • The resort set up a romantic dinner for Mike and I for our 3 year anniversary (eventhough we were eaten alive by mosquitos)
  • Pizza, hamburger, chicken sandwiches and hot dogs on the beach for lunch
  • All the fish swimming around you - remember to bring your snorkel gear
  • Floaties in the pool - no need to bring any, the pool guys bring them to you
  • Candy at the store - Coke bottles are the best!
  • Tram service - rain or sunshine. At night though, it's like a ride at an amusement park, they go super fast!
  • DVD player in the room (plus cool channels like TBS, VH1 and MTV)
  • Large suites and turndown service
  • Room service
There is so many positive things about this resort, I highly recommend going to it. Just to warn you, it's a very quiet place but it's beautiful, it's a place you must experience. Just check out Mike's review.

[blarkness rating: 5 out of 5] - I would go back in a heartbeat...

Dazzling Restaurant

This restaurant was alright. The main reason Julie and I went was for the $4.50 martinis (plus we thought that they had half price appetizers but we were wrong)


  • It's the usual japanese fare


  • The riceless rolls
  • Cheap
  • Not busy
  • Strong $4.50 martinis - it's deceiving because it's in a small glass but man are they ever strong
  • MY FAV - the tom yum soup

Maple Leaf rolls (they are riceless rolls, they are rolled with cucumber strips)

Rainbow Coaster rolls

[blarkness rating: 3.5 out of 5] - it's really nothing special. I would go back for the soup or if every restaurant on the King/John strip was busy.

S.M.U.T Soiree

Marie told me about this event that she went to last year. Lainey Gossip and The Society throw this S.M.U.T Soiree yearly and this was the 4th year. I only heard great things from Marie about this event. She raved about the gossip and the swag. Well, this year apparently wasn't as good as previous years. I have nothing to compare it to but here are my comments:


  • It was in such a weird location (Dupont and Bathurst)
  • It was EXTREMELY hot in the place
  • Not enough seats for the 500 people attending the event, therefore we couldn't listen to the gossip panel with Lainey and Dan Levy
  • We were fine that we couldn't sit but we couldn't even listen because there wasn't enough speakers


  • The gift bag and all the swag in it - hair products, razors and shaving cream, $10 HBC gift card, Dior lipstick, perfume and mascara, a martini shaker and a masgazine - all in a cute reuseable bag
  • Open bar for only $40 - we had bubbles, wine and a cointreaupolitan (these martinis were yummy)
  • The company I was with - Maureen, Marie and Rachelle and my new found friend, Pauline
  • Having our hair done (eventhough I hated how my hair turned out)

Marie, me and Rachelle

I love this picture of Maur

Marie with her hair done

[blarkness rating 4.5 out of 5] - Eventhough the venue kinda sucked and there was no A/C, I would go again next year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

our new artist friends

Since I'm really lazy to type anything out these days, I will just post up these pictures that our lovely friends from Vancouver sent us. Aren't they so creative?

Mona Leesha by Wes aka Chris

Cats Love Leesh by Tina aka Karen

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

might be MIA for a while

It's crazy at work. I know that it's only Tuesday but I find that there is not enough hours in the work day for me to do stuff. It doesn't help that I have only been at work for 5 hours each day since I had a lunch meeting today and yesterday.

I am suppose to be ironing clothes tonight but now I am cooking tomorrow night's dinner for Mike since I'll be out with Julie at Dazzling Restaurant and at Spin Dessert with Maureen on Thursday. I hate housework but shit's gotta be done. It sucks is that I would have left all chores for Saturday but I found out that I have to work a half day.

I'll report on my trip and one the two restaurants I'm going to this week over the weekend.

Man, I miss Playa Megano and the RH Crew.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

back from ensenachos

I need to decompress from this vacation. It's one of my favorite trips and it's all because of Mike's resort selection, JP & Lyn's surprise and meeting Wes & Tina from Vancouver. All I have to say is that this Occidental Royal Hideaway Ensenachos is awesome. I will link up our photos in the next couple of days and also do up a small summary of our trip.

I don't feel like being on my laptop today but I have to do laundry and get a pedicure. If you see this picture below, you will understand why I am going to be a lazy ass today.

Friday, June 5, 2009

vacation time has arrived

Well, we're off...

A week on a beach should do the trick and by the way, it's mine and Mike's three year anniversary. In addition to packing, we are also trying to clean up the condo since my mom will be staying over. I still don't feel excited that we are going to Cuba. I think that part of it is because we have gone away so many times or it could be that when tomorrow hits, that's when I will be jumping up and down.

It's been a crazy week at work with the new boss. I really like her but it's quite a change for the both of us, well, for the whole tea. But as soon as we find our groove, it will be smooth sailing. Asides from work it's been a busy week personally. Monday - had bubble tea with the Wong siblings, Mike and Maur. Tuesday was a baptism meeting - yes, I am going to be a godmother again (for Blake Archer). Wednesday, I got my mani/pedi and then my mom came over. Yesterday my dad came over and Today, well, I had to work late...and now I am trying to pack. I am actually taking a break to write in this blog.

I guess since we are finally leaving tomorrow, I can tell you where we are going - Santa Clara, Cuba. We are staying at Occidental Royal Hideaway Ensenachos. This is where Mike has wanted to stay forever but I was never keen on going to Cuba again. Since Mexico had the swine flu (Mayan would have been our #1 place to go) and Punta Cana was super expensive, I finally caved it and said "f*ck it, we are going to this resort". It looks awesome, doesn't it?

So, this is it from me...back to my packing...

Monday, June 1, 2009

i can't wait x 3

OMG - New Moon...I really can't wait.

more matt saracen

Maur - again for you...just a little Matty to brighten up your day...

The embedded video wasn't playing properly so here is the link to the website that I got the video from.

Character Profile of Matt Saracen