Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fabFive songs for the week of July 27

FabFive Songs (Jul 27)

Song 1/ I recently saw the movie trailer for Daybreakers, a movie about vampires and this song plays throughout the trailer. I love it. Song 2/ Mike plays this song over and over again, he loves it so I love it too. Very relaxing. Song 3 / I love this song so much and it's cool how Dee told me at Marben, "they are playing your song" - he reads my blog!!! Song 4/If you have seen the movie Accepted, there is this scene where Justin Long and Blake Lively are in his new room at the dorm. He claps and the disco ball turns on and this song comes on. Song 5/ Robin Thicke is my fav artist and I love all his songs but this one makes me smile once I hear the intro.

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