Thursday, July 30, 2009

i can watch some TV again...

Over the summer. there are no shows to watch. Some times you can catch re-runs (and I was hoping that LOST: Season 5 would be on - I was out of luck) or maybe there are some new shows that they are running throughout the summer. It's the end of July and I just found two shows that I can watch. I kinda miss watching TV, it's what makes me stay home and save money. I know that I could get a PVR but then that would mean that I would just go out drinking and eating.

Anyway, the two shows that I discovered are:

Making His Band on Muchmusic on Wednesdays at 6/9 pm

If you watched most of the seasons of Making the Band, this is another show you have to watch. Diddy is putting a band together for his "Last Train to Paris" tour. It just started yesterday (with auditions) and now they are moving into the house. Keep an eye out for Christopher on the drums, Jaila on vocals, Jamareo on bass. Brockett on keyboard and Blake on guitar.
America's Best Dance Crew on Muchmusic on Sundays at 9 pm

No explanation for this one. I love this show. It's better than So You Think You Can Dance...sorry to those who are in love with SYTYCD but ABDC kicks butt! Season 1 had JabbaWockeeZ and Season 3 had Quest Crew, both crews are awesome but who the hell won Season 2??? I can't wait to see the new crews compete.

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