Friday, July 31, 2009

product review: flip & tumble

I have been wanting to post about this but I had to wait until it was shipped to me. With the end to plastic bags, I wanted to find a cool, reusable, foldable bag to tote in my purse. With much searching, I somehow landed on Chocolate and Zucchini's website and saw their post about Flip & Tumble. This site has its own patent reusable bag that folds up into the form of a rolled up sock. It's so cool. I saw the video but had to see it for myself. I finally received the three bags a week after I ordered them and I am in love. I am so glad that I ordered them because it's exactly what I was looking for. And for $8 US, I think it's perfect! [blarkness rating: definitely a 5 out of 5]

The bag rolled up. The size of a rolled up sock. Fits in your purse.

The bag unfolded. Very soft and durable. Nice colours.

**Stfne and MoPar - this is your birthday gifts. Stfne, yours is hot pink and MoPar, yours is blue. I thought that these were really cool and I didn't get you guys birthday gifts. So here's your belated birthday gift and I will give it to you the next time I see you.**

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