Wednesday, August 12, 2009

all-inclusives - it's all i know

Everyone always asks me and Mike - "Why don't you guys try going somewhere where it's not all-inclusive?"

To be honest and in my opinion, going all-inclusive is the easiest way to go. Airfare paid for, accommodations taken care of, food and drinks DONE! You can't go wrong. As long as you have an idea if you are being ripped off or if it's a good deal, booking at an all-inclusive resorts is easy as pie.

Mike and I are trying to book a short vacation in September. I have days to use up and Mike can't take time off until after Christmas. We have been trying to book Vancouver, Las Vegas, NYC, Miami and we are having no luck and that's because the damn price changes hourly. I guess there is no rhyme or reason of when to book. Probably the sooner the better because flights go up and hotel rooms book up. It's been crazy for me this past week researching and looking online. I even got stress/hive bumps on my cheek and hairline.

I am a wiz at booking AI - I know when it's a good price and when it's probably going to drop. Mike and I have it down to a science. Plus, we have researched like mad scientists over the past six years so we know what resorts to look out for (of course, we will never tell you about them until we have gone ourselves)

If you have booked city vacations (flight and hotel, separate or a package deal) through a travel agent, expedia, us. Please give us your tips and suggestions on how to make booking a 4 day vacation simple. I am sick of being in front of my computer at work and then my laptop at night looking for the best deal. It's honestly driving me insane.

So the question is, do we still try for a city vacation or once again, just do an all-inclusive resort???

UPDATE: Since writing this, we have now found a new travel agent. Her name is Cristina. Thank goodness she is our friend!!! You rock!!!

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