Friday, August 28, 2009

friday night fun about to begin

I am sitting here waiting for my mom and Maureen to pick me up to go to the Wong end of summer BBQ. I am a bit peeved that the weather is shitty outside. The Wongs have an amazing deck and it's gonna be hella cold to be outside. I have my beer - 6 Bud Light Lime, 1 Strongbow and cupcakes ready to go. I really wish Mike was coming but he is not. Oh well.

Today, I had a day off so I did some laundry, plucked my eyebrows (I am tired of threader butchering them and making them thinner), got some books from our storage locker and watch season 2 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and season 4 of The Hills. It was a very relaxing day and one that I really needed.

Tomorrow is St. Lawrence Market with Maureen and Marie and then a full afternoon of Animal Crossing and a Friday Night Light marathon.

Only a week left before Mike and I leave for Vancouver. We can't wait to see Wes and Tina and also Cristina (and hopefully Marty and family). Planning our week there has been an ongoing thing but hopefully by next Friday, it will be finalized.

That's it...I'm out of here, time to party and drink. Something well deserved. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Marty said...

Yes, we better meet up!!! Have a good wknd and we'll see you guys soon.