Sunday, August 30, 2009

playing hair salon

I told Maureen a long time ago that I wanted to try fishtail braids in her hair but secretly I just wanted someone to do them on me. Marie was kind enough to tell me that she would watch me fishtail Maur's hair and then do mine.

Here is the fishtail braid I did on Maureen. I am quite proud of how it turned out at the top.

This is my hair. Marie did an awesome job for her first time.

Then Maureen wanted to try it out so it only made sense that she do Marie's hair.

Maureen wanted to return the favour so she taught me her technique of curling hair with a flat iron. I do it some wonky way because I like very loose waves. This is my hair after Maureen curled it.

I wanted to show the girls a technique that Stephanie from BlushPretty taught me. Actually, she did a demo on my hair at her July Beauty Board. It's pretty simple. You wrap the hair around your finger as if you were doing a pin curl, but instead of pinning it to the scalp, you clamp it with a flat iron. I am pretty impressed that I was able to pull it off and curl all of Maur's hair (and damn, she's got lots of it)

Marie's got shorter hair than me and Maureen so we wanted to see how curling Marie's hair would look.

All in all, we had a great time playing hair salon. We learnt how to do these techniques on ourselves and on others. We did do some up-dos after but I forgot to take pictures of them. It was a cool way to spend a Saturday evening. Next time, we think we will throw makeup into the mix. Hey Stephanie from BP, wanna join us?

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