Friday, August 7, 2009

random thought: cough drops in cuba

I still think back to the day when Mike and I met Wes and Tina but that's whole other story on its own that deserves a separate post. Anyway, a day into the trip, Tina started to get the sniffles and a sore throat. I felt so bad for her because it sucks to be sick when it's hot outside, let alone on vacation! She was coughing and sniffing while on the beach and at times, felt really tired.

I greeted her at dinner on Day 2 at the seafood restaurant with some Benadryl (we thought maybe it was allergies). It helped her a bit but the next morning after breakfast, Mike and I wondered into the little store in the lobby and guess what they had...HALLS!!! All sorts of flavours for 60 CUC (75 cents Canadian). We picked up a pack for Tina and surprised her with it when we all met up on the beach. She was shocked and thankful.

Towards the end of the week, JP and I couldn't stop thinking about how cheap they were selling HALLS (mind you it's not as strong as the HALLS here) so we went to the little store and stockpiled!!! JP was thinking of even buying a whole box from them.

I am so glad that I bought a bunch because I ended up with a cold/cough shortly after we returned home - no, I did not have swine flu. All the HALLS came in handy. What a great find and now that I think of it, JP and I should have bought the whole box.

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