Thursday, September 3, 2009

attention west side movie crew!

Yes - that's right - I mean you - Maureen, Kristine and Marah and really anyone else who wants to come out. When I back from my vacation - Sept 27? Which movie?

I never watched FAME when I was younger but I love dance flicks!


Not keen on Sandra Bullock, she looks whack in this movie but I am kinda crushing on Bradley Cooper, so I will see this movie for him.


blur said...

You should dig up Cooper's sadly cancelled TV series, Kitchen Confidential (based on the Anthony Bourdain best seller). It was a FOX show and had good production values (and a really good cast; Jaime King, John Cho, et al.), but typical FOX... cancels stuff fairly arbitrarily. I've got the whole series DVD somewhere in the condo...

Maureen said...

I'm so in!!!!