Monday, September 21, 2009

bring it back...

I remember this chewy candy and it came in many different flavours. I would squish the rectangle shaped candy until it was flat and then eat it. Jolly Ranchers makes something comparable but it doesn't have fruity (dark coloured) center like Bonkers.

Just recently, I started to develop a craving for sparkling water. I thought those who actually ordered sparkling water in restaurants were kinda snotty but I find myself ordering it all the time now. This makes me think back to the day when New York Seltzers were around. As a kid, drinking a seltzer was like you were drinking an alcoholic drink. I haven't had a New York Seltzer since I was 10 but I do remember that almost every flavour was super sweet and fizzy.

This short-lived R & B group came to an end because of a stupid, fame-whore group member. If this member had only been humble and thankful that she had been chosen by Diddy, himself out of thousands of girls, this group may still be together. These girls together are extremely talented but you need each girl to make the group complete. Their second album, Welcome to the Dollhouse had so many catchy tunes.

I only got a few issues of this magazine but I was very impressed with the variety of information included. Who doesn't love a magazine made by Martha Stewart? The layout was awesome and the content useful. They should bring it back...who can I write to to request this?

They were the ultimate family. Not a perfect one but almost close. They knew how to solve problems but also have fun. I don't think that there is a family show out there at the moment that the whole family can watch together. Everything now is too racy. One episode that sticks out in my mind is when Dr. Huxtable wanted to show Theo what it's like to live in the "real world". I also love when they would do a little talent shows, dress up and sing. I think it would be worth to start collecting the box sets. I would definitely want my children to watch this show.

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Jules said...

I Loved bonkers! And that gum that had the jelly and fizzy centres.