Saturday, September 5, 2009

CNE & solon massive

This will have to be a quick post as we are leaving in eight hours for the West Coast. I just finished up packing and am almost ready to go to bed.

On Friday, Mike and I took the day off to go to CNE with Julie and Mikey. After spending $46 on our commute by GO train and the entrance fee of $30, we ventured around. We ate Mexican poutine and had all intentions of trying out Tornado potatoes and deep fried mars bars but were too full after the poutine. If you are planning to go to CNE for the last two days, I highly suggest eating the Mexican poutine, it is so awesome. We just walked around and only stayed for three hours but before catching the train home, we picked up a dozen Tim Tom donuts. I really wished that we picked up more because they were delish!

Today, we went up to Brampton to visit the Solon Massive. I wish I could post up pictures but I am honestly too lazy to upload them to my laptop. I drank Sir Perry Pear Cider (which was so good, it was my first time trying it) and Strongbow Apple Cider and also ate so much. It was like I haven't eaten in a week, oh wait...I haven't really eaten in the past week. My sister-in-law drank like a champ and we all had a good time just yelling over each other.

BTW - thanks for Charm for showing me where I can watch The Rachel Zoe Project. I DIE! I can watch it while we are at the hotel in Vancouver.

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