Sunday, September 13, 2009

day five, six and seven in vancouver

Before I forget, I should write this post out...

DAY FIVE (Thursday):
  • Played stylist and fashion show with Pernia and Mike before she went to work. Yes, we are silly.
  • Mike and I went to Metropolis at Metrotown and rode the SkyTrain to get there. We walked around, didn't buy anything but did eat lunch in the Food Court.
  • Got back to Hotel Pernia and watched Glee (for the first time), LOVED IT but had to wait for Pernia to watch the second episode.
  • Chilled for the rest of the afternoon, then went to Pernia's favorite sushi place in Richmond. I forgot the same and what we ate. We were so full so we went home.
  • Had awesome convo with Pernia and Mike. Continued the conversation at Hotel Pernia.
DAY SIX (Friday):
  • Slept in and then packed.
  • Marty picked us up and went on a tour of EA Sports. It's awesome there. There's a cafe, cake station everywhere, rooftop terraces, a soccer field, beach volleyball, full size gym, tanning bed, and so much more. Everyone is just playing video games. I need to get a job at this company!!! Unfortunately the employee store was closed so we didn't get to buy games.
  • Went to the Banting condo. They live by the water downtown. Their area is beautiful. We got to meet lil Marcus. He is a cutie!
  • Ate at Cactus Club, a Vancouver staple, with Mike, Eileen and Marty. Ate Halibut soft tacos. Yum! We had great conversation with these guys. Still in shock that we haven't seen Marty since 2000!!!
  • Walked to the SkyTrain, wow, with nice weather VanCity downtown comes to life!
  • Crashed early, didn't bother to wait for Pernia to come home
DAY SEVEN (Saturday):
  • Mike the manservant, as Pernia likes to call him, made us breakfast, then we got ready to head out
  • Stopped by Aberdeen Mall (Chinese Mall, I hope that's the name of the mall), ate some lunch and shopped at Daiso. This store is amazing!!! I was like a little kid in a candy store
  • Drove by Richmond Olympic Oval and then headed to the airport to go back home. Flight was uneventful except for a little disturbance. Stay tuned for a video...
Thanks to the staff at St. Regis Hotel, Cristina, Eileen & Marty and Tina & Nathalie for showing us their city. Hopefully, we will be back soon!