Tuesday, September 8, 2009

day one and two in vancouver

I will admit, I am very lazy to blog while here in Vancouver. I am tweeting here and there so if you want to see what I have been up to, click on the Twitter link above to read some of my tweets. I will sum up the past two days.

DAY ONE (Sunday):
  • Rainy, wet and cold, this weather is not very inviting but I am getting use to it
  • St. Regis Hotel is the bomb - excellent and friendly staff - they are all jack (or jill) of all trades, free wifi, cute, clean rooms, free breakfast (I'm talking eggs, bacon and home fries) and it's smack close to everything
  • Vancouver Aquarium - it was the first and must do on our list. It was good we went as soon as we arrived into the city because when we left left around 1 pm, there was a hella long line up
  • Coast Restaurant - crab, lobster, shrimp, mussels, oysters, champagne cocktails, it was amazing!
  • Started watching The Rachel Zoe Project. I die...
DAY TWO (Monday):
  • The Fall FAIL!
  • Went Granville Island with one half of the Cuba couple - TINA. She brought along her friend, Nathalie (she was on SYTYCD 2 but cut just before final 20). She is super sweet. Ate at Bridges - the Shrimp and Salmon burrito was so yummy. I die.
  • Walking around downtown. Holt Renfrew is one street away from us. We can see it from our hotel room. Gonna go back tomorrow to buy some Cle de Peau products.
  • Miku Restaurant - delicious japanese food. Got introduced to Aburi sushi. Plum wine cocktails are delish.
  • More of The Rachel Zoe Project. I think I want to now look for her book
I better go to sleep now. Mike has been sleeping already for more than half an hour and I don't want to sleep in tomorrow. I want to go to HR early in the morning and then go find some cupcakes. I haven't had dessert in the past two nights, I am craving big time! Hope that the weather is nice for us so we can walk/bike around Stanley Park.


riatch said...

hope you guys are having fun in Van City!!

Stephanie said...

I have the Rachel Zoe book - you can borrow mine!

Jules said...

ha! I was just at the ST. Regis hotel before you guys came to Van.